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Hi everyone ! ... just bought a canon FL 135 2.5 and it says in my AE-1 program manual that I have to do "stop down metering" to get accurate exposure. I don't know how to do it. Could somebody give me a couple of pointers ? Much obliged.

-- Fiaz Khan (, June 01, 2002


If you've got the manual, it should tell you in there. However.... set the aperture on the lens and push in the stop-down metering switch on the camera so that it locks (it's the one to the bottom right of the lens mount, when you're looking at the camera from the front). Then turn the shutter speed dial until you get the stop-down metering mark, a little square that's probably at 5.6 (although I'm not sure for the AE1P as I don't own one), lit up in the viewfinder. Your camera should now be set, so press the shutter. Note that just because the stop-down metering mark occurs at the same point on the scale as f/5.6, doesn't mean that you're supposed to use this particular aperture - use the aperture that you set on the lens before you started changing the shutter speed dial.

-- Jeremy (, June 02, 2002.

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