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As a newbie to VCD production, I would appreciate and much need your help..

I have a problem playing back XVCDs on my Pioneer 525.

I encode using TMPGEnc 2.53, PAl XVCD (352x288 with a CQ of 80 and 128 bit stereo sound) - this way, i've been able to fit just about anything on to one vcd. I'm quite sure the bitrate doesn't exceed 2500kbit/sec, so it shouldn't pose a problem with the player. As I watch the XVCD, however, the audio always seems to sound kind of incomplete, with slight gapsocuuring every 10-15 seconds, and audio sometimes out of sync. As the source and also the video quality is fine, i've come to suspect that my dvd-player cannot handle the xvcd format as it is.

I'm getting a little disappointed with my player, which i thought was a good buy before, as it can easily be set codefree, can play NTSC content on a PAL TV, supposedly play XVCDs and XSVCDs etc....

Anybody experienced the same problems?

As i said, I encode the file with TMPGEnc 2.53 and burn it with Nero (unedited).

Do I need to change the software i use?

Is the 525 just unable to handle it?

If that's the case; is there any player that can handle the format without problems?

I don't want to get stuck with a more than acceptable video quality; but lousy audio, so your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback!


-- Frank H. Ottew (, May 31, 2002


i have the same dvd player, i had the same problem ..... then i made certain to defragment the hard drive before burning to cd-r. have had no problems since. but the player is more compatible w/ 224 kb/s stereo (all are). btw set your maximum video bitrate to 2450 if you use 224 for audio. (then you wont have the player trying to exceed 2x spin)

-- ivan ford (, May 31, 2002.

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