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I'm sure everyone is busy with their lives. Andy needs to catch up with sleep and his business. Going to China is a legitimate excuse. We finally have true spring here. Montana in May can be incredible. The late snow was a bummer, but it sure is green here. Late summer can be brown and that's no fun. I'm doing very well. Taking the day off of work (burning vacation days that will expire soon) with no specific plans. Yabba dabba. Think of you guys often and wish you all well. Saw Monsoon Wedding Wed. night and realized that some day I'll be the father of the bride. Ani is only three, but it's a sobering thought. Dwell, enjoy. Look forward to hearing from ya'll.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2002


If I stop and think of all that I have done this week my eyes would pop out of my head! Started a new job, ran a thousand errands, finished an old job, went to final Little League game, and to top it all off Geli decided that she and I should stay up all night on Thursday night. I guess she's cutting a tooth...

Now it's up early and out the door all weekend too. That vacation thing is sounding quite enviable right now. Although, even with the extreme amount of stuff I'm doing, I'm still really enjoying it all. It just wears down the old stamina....

Eben's fifth birthday is coming and we finally talked him out of guinea pigs, and into hamsters! Bren got online and did some research on guinea pigs and it turns out that they really thrive if you have them in an indoor/outdoor pen with a play yard and make sure they have a dark place to sleep. I still haven't had time to build a new chicken tractor for our 16 little baby chicks that are now full grown buffalo-sized chickenmonsters and are stuffed into a pen designed for four bantams! There's one project for this weekend.

Gotta go. Gotta get to the library before they realize that my dozen movies are overdue! lucky charms and green clovers to all....gilly

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002

Jessica had a hamster cuz we didn't want to mess with guinea pigs either. Nasty little bitey monster that looked alarmingly like a rat scuttling across your floor when she was let out on parole. One night she was enjoying liberty and fell down the crack between the desk on which her cage was set, and the wall adjacent thereunto, and was not discovered until 24 hours had elapsed. Had to peel her off the wall in front of he 5 year old owner's eyes. Sassy is now reposing peacefuly in a tin foil cocoon in the freezer until the proper burial site and accompanying planting has been settled upon. Only once has someone removed her, mistaking her for a possible option for tonight's dinner. I would call the entire experience worthless if it wasn't for the experience of watching Jessica grieve for this little rodent, for whom she had actually done a good job of taming and creating mutual respect and caring. My recommendations (if you care at all what I think) would be for a real rat, which in my experience (but do the research) are more intelligent and don't bite. Good luck, and Happy Fucking Birtday to Eben. Talk to you soon. Love, the king of Rodentia, and other related topics.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

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