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Is it just me or is Ilfochrome getting harder to find these days? If you use it does ilford still supply a full range to the retailers you purchase from? I am having a great time printing my provia slides onto ilfochrome and it would be a real real shame to lose that. Should i be worried and buy up big and freeze lots? Are there any alternative processes for reversal printing that i could use with my three bath CAP40 processor if i cant get ilfochrome any more?


-- Phil Brammer (, May 31, 2002



Can't say whether it will be around a long time or not, but I've not had problems getting supplies from B&H. I would advise against storing Ilfo materials (particularly paper) for long periods of time, as you will get color shifts. I think as long as we keep using it there will be a market and Ilford will maintain production. If OTOH it sits on dealers shelves and people stop using it, it will go the way of the dinosaur - I hope I never see that day!


-- Pete Caluori (, May 31, 2002.

Its pretty much a mail-order item nowadays, but the full line is still readily available. Try B&H, Adorama, Calumet. I've talked to Ilford several times and they say they have no plans to discontinue it. Of course that could change a few years down the road but theres no need to stock up now. 10 years from now I wouldnt be so sure

-- Wayne (, May 31, 2002.

I would not recommend stocking up on ILFOCHROME materials. I know of no plans to change the offerrings of any products in the ILFOCHROME Classic line. In fact, ILFORD has recently done a great deal of R&D on ILFOCHROME to make it compatible with digital enlargers.

Since I am based in the US, and do not have daily contact with ILFORD in Australia, I don't know what the distribution may be like down under, but rest assured that ILFORD will continue to manufacture ILFOCHROME for the forseeable future.

David Carper ILFORD Technical Service

-- David Carper (, May 31, 2002.

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