expired silver paper

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i am looking to purchase expired, flashed, etc. silver paper either RC or Fiber to play with. (i just can't justify spending money on good paper to do this to.) please email me at amk6ce@mizzou.edu if you can help me out. thanks!

-- ally k. (amk6ce@mizzou.edu), May 30, 2002


Most photo stores will have some kind of expired or close to expired films and papers that they sell with a discount. They are easily resurrected with a small amount of Benzotriozole. This stuff can usually be gotten in the chemical department.

-- Scott Walton (walton@ll.mit.edu), May 31, 2002.

I don't know about resurrecting old papers with benzotriazole--it's never worked very well for me. However, I am getting ready to move to a new house this Fall, and I have a lot of old paper that I need to get rid of. Drop me a line off list and I'll try to figure out how much I have and how much I want for it.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), May 31, 2002.

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