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Since my girlfriend doesn't care, I thought I would share my excitement with my Leica friends:

I went to my local Leica dealer looking to trade my seldom used 28-70 Vario for a new 50'cron. The swap was still going to cost me a little cash out of pocket. At the last minute, I asked him if he had a late model 'cron used. He walked to the window, poked around and returned with a late model. The condition was virtually brand new, but he did not have the leather pouch or packaging. I compared the serial numbers...and to my delight...the used was thousands new than the 'new' one I almost bought.

I walked away with a dead even trade. :-) *big smile*

-- René (, May 30, 2002


Could you please name the store? I am from France too, have a R lens that I would like to trade and my girlfriend doesn't care either 8^)

-- H. Gurung (, May 30, 2002.

Maybe you should trade the girlfriend(?) :-)

-- Ken (, May 31, 2002.

No way for the summicron. Would trade her only for a M6J....8^)

-- H. Gurung (, May 31, 2002.

Dead even trade? Its when you return to the shop the next day and look at the price they charge for your beloved lens... Whats that?? Thats double the price they gave you!? ;)

-- Karl Yik (, May 31, 2002.

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