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Dear All

I was reading a book on church growth and developement the other day. Very interesting book, it's all about the basics of church growth and developement. I believe in 'prevention is better then cure'. What does I mean by that is, is beter to develope a plan for church groth and developement know, then to try and win people for the church in the future.

What I am worried of is the fact that our minister(in my district) is more worried about adults in the church and totally forget about the young people. I really worries me because so many young people leave our beloved churches for an other church. Now my question, "what about the future and well being of the church" If the foundation is not strong enough what about the structure!? Plans need to be develope and inplimented as soon as possible!

I know I posted this question on the board before, but what if it only ends on our discussion board, something needs to be done.


-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002


An interesting dilemma: If you ignore the adults, you risk losing your current financial base. If you ignore the children, you risk losing your future financial base (as well the current base if the parents of those children leave).....

Whether it is personal, church, or corporate growth, those who fail to plan ultimately plan to fail.

If your pastor won't do it, why don't you draft an action plan and take to him or her? I assume that you are itinerant, so if the pastor is not receptive, you can use the plan at YOUR new charge. If you are a local, save it for the next pastor (and believe me, the word coming down the pipe is that those ministers who are sowing salt and not seed will be finding themselves without a garden this conference year), who I am sure will welcome the initiative you have taken.

One of the reasons that my church (First, Los Angeles) has so many programs (and hence so many memebers) is that when ministers and laity saw a need, Pastor Murray gave them a green light to address and fix the need.

I pray that your current pastor is receptive.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

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