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When Rev. Fisher and Jan started this discussion board and web site I wonder if they had any idea what a blessing it would be to so many around the world. I got an email the other day from someone who reads this board regularly saying a friend of hers had been in a car accident in wyoming, (I am in Montana) and that her friend would be coming to Billings Montana, I live two hours away. Anyway the friend is in route to alaska and had to drive through my town. She visited me tonight and we had so much fun! This wonderful woman is A.M.E from the first district and to have the bond of being A.M.E was wonderful. I have a new friend. And she will come through bozeman again on her way back east. Her story is a remarkable one for her car flipped, went off the road, she said God protected her, she is sore, but nothing is broken, and she praised God. She could only stay a few hours but it was so much fun to meet her. I thank God for this discussion board for this wonderful lady would not have known there was an A.M.E church in Bozeman. God really took care of my new friend. Her car was completely totaled, but she was able to buy a new car in Billings and is continuing her trip. Rev. Fisher and sister Jan truly have an anointed ministry. Please keep them in prayer and let's help him keep this ministry going. Please pray for my friend Kathy as she continues her trip. It was also nice to tell her of the A.M.E churches she will pass in route to the ferry in Washington state. And she was happy to hear there is a church in Fairbanks Alaska. Isn't God good!!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002


Yes, this board is truly a blessing from God. I know Kathy's mother who was truly worried about her daughter who had this accident. Even though, the daughter attempted to assure her mother that she was ok, her mother was concerned that the daughter may have minimized her injuries. Additionally, the family did not know anyone in the area who could check on their daughter. However, I told her about this wonderful woman of God who lived in Montana, although the accident happened in Wyoming. I was able to obtain Rev. Denise Rogers' telephone number for Kathy's mother to pass on to the daughter. I then e-mailed Rev. Rogers and requested prayers for Kathy's safe journey. When I received a message from Rev. Rogers that Kathy was able to visit her and assurance that she was ok. I shouted, "To God Be the Glory for the things only He can do.

I thank God for this blessing board and for using Rev. Rogers and Rev. Fisher and family for giving us this tool. As I tell others, if your God has stopped providing miracles, "TRY MINE."

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002

Alice thank you for your kinds words about me. We serve a mighty God indeed. Meeting kathy was a gift that God gave to me and my daughter for we have "adopted" her and she is now part of our family. I am so happy that we are a connectional church and that an A.M.E from the eastcoast can know she has a church family in the west. I am curious has anyone else met people from other states whom you have become friends with such as conferences etc. Joy in christ!

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2002

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