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Hello all: I'm looking for resources (articles, books, websites, etc.) that will help me understand some of the critical factors to consider in an organizational redesign. Thanks for any help you can offer. Here's some background info to help clarify:

My company is segmented based on customer type and, like many others, has experiences several reorgs over the past few years. One of our divisions is realizing that their current structure is not as effective and efficient as they had originally envisioned. This particular division is not specifically team-based, although there are geographically distributed service teams within the region. Task force teams have been formed to develop recommendations for new org designs. I'm looking for resources that will help me help the task forces. Thanks in advance. Carole Townsley

-- Carole Townsley (, May 29, 2002


Dear Carol:

Two resources no one should skip in org. redesign are Leading change by John P. Kotter and Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Another excellent book is The five dysfunctions of a team.

Hope this helps.

Shirley Stovall Wes-Tex Printing

-- Shirley Stovall (, July 31, 2002.

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