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I've often eaten wholemeal bread in a manner of which I have later realised has been entirely incorrect for the occasion and for the brand and flavour of bread. However, I have come to acclimatise myself to the shamefulness that arises when I tell this to my nearest and dearest (at the moment 2 deaf cousins in upstate Idaho and a plaigerist in County Cork). So the dilema I'm facing is whether to be a conformist and ignore my bad postured wholemeal bread eating (as advocated by those I've asked so far) or to take the route of the pioneer and try and accustom myself the dark art of posture mechanics and if so why and how and in what space of time should I be what is termed in some advanced and non-primitive societies) and expert on the matter?

-- Gareth from Upside the Hole they call montreal (, May 29, 2002

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