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Well, is it?

-- Grim Faced Northener (, May 29, 2002


TO answer your (obviously) pressing dilemma, I have composed a list of things that are write and another list of things which are wrong!
wrong = {rape, murder, sodomy of little boys, racist jibes, sodomy of little girls, uncalled for sodomy, war crimes, sodomy in excelsis, eating dead animals, soggy nutrients, buggery of disabled vermin, hoagy carmicheal, mince, shit, swearing, taking drugs, listening to rap music, being a pimp, cutting off your cock and balls to spite your chest,war, chess, chess records , and finally, using the word "niggardly"}
In constrast, (and notice that the intersection of write and wrong is null!)
right = {sodomy between 2 consenting adults, drink, reading, rubbing, massage, tables, arse cracks, batteries, nice overcoats, euthanasia, correct usage of paragraphs in dissertation, mice, pets, pet loves, football, hockey, ice hockey, ice tea, kindness, penises only in use when under full control of all parties concerned, psychics, philosophy, philology, philo of byzantium, the classics, partical physics, quantum physics, quantum field theory, NP-completeness, partial ordering, phase transitions, cybernetics, Bayesian networks, isomorphisms, homomorphisms, homosexuals, homo sapiens, heterogeniety, genies, blacks, white, asians, foreigners, foreign bodies, foreign embassies, kif, bob dylan, eyes, nose, calf, love, sodomy in the course of duty, rum, love bites, courtney love, wolverines, farms, farmers,spies, US foreign policy 1881-1892, French history 1029- 1787, ships, water, nucleitides, Christ, God, Allah, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Van Dyke Parks, Truffles, chocolates, humming, chords, chord sequences, assonance, harmony, harmonic sequences, gold, folds, sailors, and moral equivalene}
Hope that cleared that one up

-- YoungFlake Productions (KimSung@dynasty.phelgm), May 29, 2002.

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