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when i try to play a vcd in the eh 8181 i get a menu that say smart nav 1 i tried everything and can't get the vcd to play. is my vcd screwed the player reconizes it just won't play it works fine with dvds....any help would be appricated thanks

-- spydyr (no@aol.com), May 29, 2002


I have the same problem. If ever you got an answer to your question, please let me know. Thanks

-- johanne roy (johanneroyjr@hotmail.com), December 03, 2002.

....same problem as above ??????? Player doesn't seem to be able to read CD+G format

-- Craig Davidson (craig.davidson@rogers.com), December 15, 2002.

Same problem here. Damnit man i cant figure it out i tried everything!! IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO PLEASE EMAIL ME!!

-- Mike (maratta6@hotmail.com), January 01, 2004.

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