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I have Ez creator 5.0 I tryed to make a vcd movie. The picture looked like a bad ditigel picture. You know the little squres all over the place. The sound was missed up to. I was using the VCD program on E z cd creator 5.0 . What do I need to get for it to work right. Help. Also is there any other programs out there that will do it all and it is free. Or is there something I can add Ez cc to fix the program.

-- Frazier clark (, May 28, 2002


Listen i make movies from ez cd creater 5 platinuim..I think u have the older version if u do just download it from kazzaa. If u want to copy a file from kazzaa such as a movie u can do it but there is one problem a lot of the files are avi files and it wont accept it soo wut u do is aslo download avi2vcd from kazzaa and install it. once u have doone that then just decopress the movie file then change it.. U do that from the place that says avi2vcd and wait

-- Mo (, July 11, 2002.

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