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How can I make a vcd movie with both video clips and photos on the same disc that will play back the video and photos on a home DVD player?

-- John Rample (, May 28, 2002


That has to be a ver 2.0 VCD. The most cost-effective way so far I've found is through freeware VCDEasy (from for creating .bin/.cue files, then instead of using the unstable CDRDAO that comes with it use Nero to burn these files to create your VCD. It has to be said beforehand to use VCDEasy one has to have fair knowledge about the chracteristics, standards, limitations of White Book VCD ver 2.0. Otherwise it is just one cyrptic program in Greek. But why stop there? With enough dough one can get a Pioneer DVA04 DVD- R/RW recorder with Sonic DVDit PE from to create DVDs that will have and do all that u want and can be played on your DVD player. At least the tutorial in Sonic will temper the rather steep DVD learning curve.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 30, 2002.

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