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To anybody who wants to answer this: Do you think there should be religion in public schools? and What do you think about teachers teaching about religion?

-- Chelsee Jackman (, May 28, 2002


yes i think they should teach a little about it.

-- rich (, October 01, 2002.

I think their should not be religion in school. It think that the people should save their relligon for home.Unless they cant sing the Natinal Anthom. But that is rairlly the case people these days want to go all the way.They want to sit there at lunch and pray for half the lunch period.When they can just say their dinner pray- er.To me that is not rite and in some cases not fair.Because other people might not have a religon and get jelous and act on jelosy. Basicly thats all I have to say.

-- Nyle David Cross (Silk @msn . com), November 19, 2002.

Yes, religion should be taught in school, but not in the way that you may think. To better understand different cultures, people must understand their beliefs, and religion is a big part of that. Also, teachers must be careful in how they present these beliefs: they cannot be presented as truth, only as another cultures ideas. As for Nyle David Cross, I think you should just suck it up and deal. What does it matter to you how other people spend their lunch period? And what jealousy? You think that an atheist is going to be jealous of a Christian because they have a religion? Come on! People should be allowed to pray if they want to. The only thing is that it can't be led by a school offical and students forced to attend. If the students want to pray, let them. If not, they dont have to, and shouldnt have to. Oh, and one last thing, Nyle David Cross, please learn how to spell. Its pathetic.

-- Meghan (, December 15, 2002.

The subject of religion in schools is a very simple and easy answered topic of controversy. Religion (Christianity on my behalf ) should be allowed in schools because there is no reason for it to be unallowed or even questioned. It is insured in the 14th amendment that religion cant have any laws passed resrticting it, and to do so would be a treasonal act on the United Satates behalf. Its very judgmental to look at religion and say that others might get jealous because they want a religion too, every religion out there offers itself to anybody who wants it ( especially Christianity ). It is impossible for a person to save his religion for home, because its a way of life.

I also believe that christianity should be taught in schools because of its acuracy in science and history.

Thats all I have to say, thank you

-- John Buyers (, January 21, 2003.

I'm a highschool student and believe greatly that the word of the Lord should be heard in public schools. I don't think teaching a religion should become a purpose for the school, since there are many religions out there, and people have the right to choose which one is right for them. But spreading the word of the Lord, wouldn't and shouldn't cause a problem, because we're all learning from the same savior, aren't we? I believe greatly that the youth need to more about his glory, then about all the other programs they have in the school.I think it would cause a major difference in our lives, and our communities, if we allowed this to happen.

-- Kiki Medina (, March 05, 2003.

ok ok i know that im just another young youth minister but i do think that one response was really awsome. i think that it should be taught but as another cultural idea and not as truth. i mean we can talk about cold hard facts but because this topic has been brought up and debated to death, we don't see religon as facts. but to some people it is. teach us to look at both sides of the argument. we can talk about death and war in history but not about the goodness that is right here in front of us. don't you think the soliders over seas pray before they go out into a war? i know even non believers are. my brother is one of them.

-- Kristra Burks (, March 26, 2003.

Yes religion is very important in the devopment of all childers understanding of how the word was created don't start with the atom start with God because God is the Big Picture and if some people don't want to hear it they can go in the hall way . Because the respect issues in the class room would also be slowly decreaseing . Because of the 10 comandments.

-- Kayla (, April 15, 2003.

I am a 13 year old student at a public school. I strongly believe that religion should be taught in schools and I also feel that the school boards have done a great injustice of not allowing religion into the cirriculum. At one time everyone would sing God Save the Queen and recite the Lord's Prayer. When my parents were in school, when it came time to recite the Lord's Prayer, anyone who did not believe simply walked out of the classroom during this period and did not make a big issue out of it. Over the years this has been banned due to the (small but vocal) number of non believers that this may offend. Those who are opposed to religious expression have actually taken away from my right to express my beliefs.

-- Rebecca (, April 28, 2003.

I believe that religon should be taught in school, only in a manner that will be respected by all. I just recently took a class in my highschool, it was called humanities, our teachers can use religon to not only expand our knowledge of what else is out there...even if you are a non-believer. In reguards to science and religon, I would also have to say it would be a possiblity to strike up interest and chance for debate to go through with experiments to actually prove if something is true or not. But to tell a student this is the way things are is inncorrect. I would also agree that even in relations to war or history, even those non believers were saying oh god help me in one way or another...i am a believer that if even the children or teens who stay un informed about religon learn...they may become interested when they find there is more to believe in, and somewhere to maybe even go when there life on earth has come to an end...

-- nic (, June 18, 2003.

With all the things that our youth endures thr the school year.They really sit aside the Lord Jesus Christ.So i believe that school should except religion. I also believe if us Christians should stand up and push forward to put religion back in schools.And not let the anthenist win

-- Lucas Malott (, July 13, 2003.

No, separation of church and state. Religon teachings should be taught in COLLEGE where a child is old enough to dissenimiate the differences. Religon is a very personal matter. SO, it should stay that way.

In the home where it belongs.

We have enough people teaching HATE to their children. We don't need to add religion to the equation.

-- Jeanne (, August 30, 2003.

hmmmm, to those that want religion taught in school.. i ask,... and exactly which religion should be taught? buddhism? christian? muslim? scientology? taoism? the religions of the american indian? (after all.. they were here first) ... oh, i bet it's whatever religion YOU practice... afterall, that's the only true religion, right? everyone else is wrong... right? i'm so sure if you're christian... you'd want to be forced to be taught paganism or scientology... right?

isn't the sole purpose of church (of whatever denomination) to teach the religious part of life? that way, a person has the RIGHT to DECIDE to learn about whatever god or deity they choose? maybe... while we're making religion a part of PUBLIC school, we should mandate teaching evolution, math and science in the church too.

i see nothing wrong with teaching religion in private church schools, because a person that goes to that school, does so voluntarily. likewise, if a school wants to offer a course as an ELECTIVE that deals with religious concepts overall... no big deal. however, if a public school is REQUIRED to have religious course that students must take, or mandates students to be at an event where religion is a part of it... well, sounds like imposing one's viewpoint on another... which doesn't sound like any kind of freedom to me except to whomever just happens to agree with that particular viewpoint. (isn't that why our forefathers left Europe? because they didn't want to have to practice the religion relegated by the european governments)

-- T.Newsom (, September 08, 2003.

a P.S. to the above... to rebecca and the others with similar views...

absolutely no one can stop you from praying to whatever God you choose whenever you choose to.likewise, i would think all us "EVIL" atheistic non-believers in YOUR god could in no way stop you from expressing your personnal beliefs. the problem that we "Evil" atheists have... is when our right in not sharing your specific viewpoint is not honored and we are forced to sit through your ceremony of beliefs... as in a prayer. relate it to having to be forced to sit through something you don't believe in... maybe a witchcraft ritual or a ceremony that worships the greek gods... on a day to day basis. you probably would have a different opinion if that were to happen. for some reason, it seems that christians tend to think that imposing their views about god on other people is perfectly acceptable behavior... but if a muslim or other religious sect trys to have the same rights... the christians are ready squash that pretty quick. really guys...believe what you want... just allow others the same right. pray in school anytime you want... just don't make me have to be a part of it. why should i have to leave a classroom, not attend an event or have my valuable learning time taken up with your specific beliefs. T.Newsom

-- T.Newsom (, September 10, 2003.

you as the school want you to thinik that they are not teaching it but you know that they are

-- jim (, September 25, 2003.

I am a 14 year old student and I attend a public school. I am a Christian and do strongly believe that our schools need more teachings about God. I don't believe,however, that we should have classes set aside for teaching about God. I don't think that it is our teacher's jobs to teach us about God. It is our jobs as Christians to stand up and share the Bible with our fellow classmates. God wants us to be His feet and move him by telling others about Him. I think that we should be able to pray when we feel is necessary, but we don't need to force it upon other people. God doesn't want to be forced on people, he wants people to want Him. I bless my food everyday before I eat, and if someone doesn't like that I'm praying, they just don't have watch. I'm not trying to force them to pray or force my Religion upon them, I'm simply thanking God for what He has put before me. There are many religions today and it wouldn't be fair to teach just one or the other. So, I do believe that there does need to be a great deal more of religion in school, but only if everyone is recognized. God Bless!!!

-- Steffany Nelson (, November 11, 2003.

Steffany, you may be only 14 (i'm 45), but i hope you are representative of what we "older" people have to look forward to in the younger generations. you obviously can grasp what many of the older people on here seem to be able to not understand. i am an atheist, but as an atheist i totally respect your right to worship as you please and where you please... and i thank you for your understanding that we who choose not to believe your particular beliefs do noty want your beliefs forced on us... most of us that don't believe in god don't have a problem with you praying in school when you want (like before a big test :) ) we just feel that for the government to actually endorse your belief over ours.... that's not right. obviously you have an understanding well beyond your age, and i'm impressed with that a great deal... i just wish you could teach this view to all the religious others that feel like it is ok to force their views on others. i never object when someone comes up to me and asks me if i want to here about god... that's their right, i only have a problem with it if once told i'm not interested, they continue to pound away thinking that that will change my mind. (i have a really tough time with pushy salespeople too) you give me hope that there is some intellegence in the religious sect. cudos to you for having a brain girl. T.Newsom

-- T.Newsom (, November 11, 2003.

sorry about all the typos above, it's late and my proofreading has gone to pot.... "here about god"? try "hear about god"...duuuh...:)

-- T.Newsom (, November 11, 2003.

I think that we should have teach religon in schools if more peple shared the same religon than it would probibly cause less violence in the schools.

-- Neal Kennedy (, December 01, 2003.

I think we should have all kind of religion in school. Because people would understand why you are doing what you are doing. like how you dress, act, speak, they would then know what you are and what really can expect from you. Like my religion is muslim and i know that most people don't know anything about it. we should be free to learn everything in school. And that's why we go to school to know more about everything right. I don't have a problem when they start talking about their religion i think it's fun to learn about somthing new every day. that's all from me bb

-- A. bigjs (, December 04, 2003.

I think religion shold be allowed because it.Has nothing to do with not learing about any thing it is.The best way for people to learn.

-- Derrick Usie (, December 11, 2003.

yes i agree because it would help society with there problems

-- black rob (, December 17, 2003.

yeah... but let's teach it right in school then,so people could understand why religion has been the root of more hatred, war and persecution of individuals than any other reason out there.

why religion causes the muslims to hate all the other religious sects and swear jihad against anyone that doesn't believe the way they do, why the Israelis feel it's perfectly OK to kill the Muslims and steal their lan all in the name of "God" why the christians felt it was their divine duty to crusade and force their religion across Europe and the middle east and kill anyone that didn't accept it, why the puritans burned people at the stakes because their religion rejected witchcraft, why the spanish inquisition used their christian religion to torture and kill at whims and will, why the protestant church of england drove individuals from their homes... or just killed them and took their land...all in the name of religion... why McCarthy and his cronies, in our own country and time, used religion in the 50's as a reason to persecute and imprison those god awful communists- or those who seemed like god awful communists because they simply disbelieved in McCarthy's idea of God, why the catholic church feels it's perfectly ok to condemn homosexuals, prefer a teenage girl to give birth to a bastard child from a rape than get an abortion... no matter the danger to their own life, prefers to condemn anyone that doesn't believe in their form of religion, but feels it's perfectly acceptable to protect their own child molesting priests and cover up those little indescretions. not to mention the Branch dividians of waco, jonestown in africa and all the other nutcase religious fanatics. and on and on... yeah... the only things religion teaches... hatred...believe my way or the're not as good as me because you don't believe the way i do... i'm right , you're rights matter, but yours don't

yep... religion sure makes the world better... doesn't it... makes society soooo much better... 75 % of all wars have been fought in the name of religion, 99% of all terrorism through history has been committed in the name of religion - and for all you self rightous christians out there that think terrorism and christianity haven't gone hand in hand... better reread your history lessons.

again... believe what you want...but allow the same right not to believe. T. Newsom

-- T.Newsom (, December 17, 2003.

I have to say no, religion should not be taught in schools. Its not the fact that there would be people left out or anything like that. Its the fact that its one more thing for children to fight about. Look how bad raceism is right now. Religion is something you believe and practice. It is knowledgeable to know diffrent religions, but if you want to practice religion in schools it would take up most of the day. There are tons of religions out there and you can't leave any of them out or that would be wrong. And I believe I seen someone write "if they don't like it they can sit in the hall way." Well that would mean leaving a child unattended. The child could run around gettin in trouble. The question shouldn't really be should religion be in schools, because religion will always be in schools. Religion is something you believe in and someone can't make you quit believing in something. However, I do not think religion should be taught in schools.

-- Justin (, January 21, 2004.

I do think that religion should be taught in school. i am a christian, and i do pray at lunch, and think others should have the oppertunity to learn about the different religions out there. i know that my religon is the only right one, but i also wouldn't force my beliefs on anyone. although i go to a christian school now, i spent up until half way in my freshman year in public schools and think that it couldn't hurt to teach a little about the different religions, and even about atheism. people need to know about the different choices there are for religion and i hope that they will choose the right path.

-- Ariana Barbato (, January 22, 2004.

I dont think they should teach religon in school because not every child believes in the same god. and to teach a certain type of religon such as christianity (or how ever you spell it) in schools would descriminate against the other children who dont believe the same way. and i think the teachers that teach religon in school should not have a job as a teacher, because they are pushing what they believe upon the children of their classrooms whether they know it or not. not everyone was brought up the same way and to teach or talk about a certain religon that some werent taught about or dont believe in would be discriminatory.

-- Victoria Peasley (, January 25, 2004.

it should not be taught in schools it,s just taking up student learning time. thats time you cant get back. i am an athias. there are many different religons around the world and we cant teach tham all. school is a place to learn math not god. who are we to tell people what to believe.

-- breanna kennedy (, February 18, 2004.


-- What do you say to 3 shillings and we forget about the name? (, February 25, 2004.

Personly it is my belif that teaching religon even in small amounts may lead to violence or other acts of hate. It is hard enough for people to survive the rigors of high school with out being ostrized for beliving in a different religion than his/hers peers

Matt T. Bear

-- Matt Bear (, February 25, 2004.

NO!!! You shouldn't force people to believe in something that they don't want to believe in!!!

-- Ann Outamys (, February 25, 2004.

I think that religion should not be taught in school becasue some people might get uncomfortable during conversation of Religion. I know I am, and I'm not alone. There are some religions (like mine, Wicca/Witchcraft) are very different and arent popular so when brought up, you get a bigger reaction, and it makes people uncomfortable. Not just me. What if I kid gets so uncomfortable that they get into fights, bullied, or break into tears because Religion can have that big of effect on someones life. A persons personal belifes and personal life, is just that, Personal, meaning it should be kept just to them, no one else needs to know about it. If someone needs or wants to learn about religion, their are church schools and community meetings, thus, ableing one to do it on their own time, NOT IN ACTUAL SCHOOL!!

-- Ramona (, February 25, 2004.

Yes, I believe that we should have prayer in schools because without God we wouldn't wake up every day. I believe that we should pray as much as possible, because we all have a lot to be thankful for.Jesus was willing to go out and preach the word,so why shouldn't we be followers as he wants us to be. I feel that prayer should be in school because prayer gives us strength and a lot of younger people need the encouragement to help them in every day life.I believe prayer can change anything.

-- Tiffany (, February 26, 2004.

Religion in school, well guess what, it's already there. You learn about it in World History. Modern religion should be tought, and teachers teaching it isn't a problem, however, PREACHING it is where it stops. Teaching things isn't a problem, just as long as its not preaching. As long as the information being taught it accurate, then there isn't anything wrong with being able to learn new things. It could help with the understanding of other cultures and why people do certain things. I personally have no idea about other cultures today and it would be nice if I did so I could understand people's ways of living. As long as the information is correct, then yes, but if it's not then no, because I've had personal experience with this problem. Information regarding my religion (Mormon) was not taught correctly in a class that I was taking, which if I remember was US History. I don't mind learning about evolution in school, but it bothers me when it's taught in a way that IT'S THE TRUTH which is PREACHING IT! Remember, NO preaching, but YES teaching, and you're all set. :)

-- Sean-Eric Civitarese (, February 28, 2004.

I agree with alot of the answers that I have read but for those of you who said no, however I disagree. Yes we should have the right to pray in school but it should not be forced upon us. God loves us all and wants us to know about his word. Forcing it on people will only turn them away. He is coming back soon and as many people who know about him the better. Also someone said they want to know the truth well his word is the truth. Also about evolution if that's what you believe then back it up (explain). I do think teaching religion in school will help with some of the violence, and if they won't allow the teaching of the word they should at leat allow us are own time to pray or read are bible in peace:) GOD BLESS!!

-- Dalene Weber (, March 01, 2004.

boy... can you say brainwashing... dalene... so let me get this correct... you believe in a god that you've never seen, never heard and has absolutely no more basis than the greek gods.... which i'm sure you'll claim are fairy tales... though their gods were based on the exact same criteria that you base your god on (ie. faith only) and as such have just as much unfounded validity as your god does. other than your belief you know better than all the multitudes of followers of other religions throughout history(which is a pretty pompous stance i must say)... what exactly is it you have that can "back up" (your words) your god... other than it's wahty you've been brainwashed to believe in? got a DNA strand of god's hair? perhaps you've walked on water with your faith today...?

ok, you asked for evidence of evolution... let me try to present some where you can understand it. other than the fossils and multitude of other geological data facts (notice the words facts) that exist to support evolution.... evolution is proven everyday by the natural (or forced by man) physical adaptation of species to their given environments. when a species evolves to a different state in order to survive... that is the definition of evolution.

specific examples you'll probably ask for (since you believe in the unseen and faith rather than the observed and facts... might not make a difference here, but i'll try)... virus are the simplelist form of evolution... because of the short life span and rapid reproduction... viruses evolve so quickly than man can't keep up with them (the flu virus evolving into totally different strains is a fine example of this) Or take an organism a little closer to humans, a fruit fly living in the forests of Hawaii. Natural "experiments" in Hawaii have produced significant changes in fruit fly populations in a period of about 140 years. There, in the mid-1800s, a volcano erupted, spewing lava down the mountainside, producing isolated bits of forest called kipukas separated from other forests by extensive lava fields which the flies couldn't cross. Because of this isolation, the flies within one patch of forest couldn't breed with flies in other patches, so mutations occurring in one group weren't spread to the others, and in the space of 140 years, substantial genetic differences arose between flies of the same species isolated in different kipukas. if flies can do it... so can humans/prehumans. between cimps and humans teh gentic difference is less than two percent. Surprisingly, fifty or sixty percent of fruit fly genes have their human counterparts, not usually exact duplicates of human genes, but extremely similar. How closely related are we to "lesser" organisms? Closely enough that if you compare human and ape genes, you'll find that in many cases there are no differences at all between them. We're closely enough related to un-human-like creatures, too, that we can splice human genes into bacteria or yeast and have them work just fine in those organisms. That's how pharmaceutical companies make most of the insulin diabetics use these days. They splice human DNA into bacteria and let the bacteria produce human insulin. i could go on... but since what i'm presenting here are facts... and theories based upon facts...not blind faith.... i'm sure i've lost you after i wrote : let me try to present some "evidence". oh well... follow the blind masses off the cliff if you like... just don't try to make me have to swallow YOUR faith based beliefs in a public tax supported forum like school.

-- T.Newsom (, March 01, 2004.

pardon all the typos fingers are dyslexic tonight. i think most of the message is readable despite the typos...

but this sentence might have been hard to follow: between cimps and humans teh gentic

should have read: between chimps and humans the genetic

-- T.Newsom (, March 01, 2004.

Just so you're aware, uh, the above stuff you're discussing is MICRO evolution which is already proven. MACRO evolution has not and will never be proved because you can't watch it.

-- Sean-Eric Civitarese (, March 02, 2004.

Religion should not be taught in school. It will cause controverse of which religion. School will become a recuitment camp for Christians. Teachers won't be teaching, they would be preaching out to the pupils. 90% of the people relgion is Christianity so that our future generations will be influence by Christianity thoughts. Plus you must take into factor the chances that the teacher doesn't abuse power. if the teacher is biased and you don't believe the same religion your grades will be punished.

-- JAJABINS (, March 03, 2004.

ATHEISTS UNITE. Religion is one of the stupidest thing that was created in this world. Religion soften people up and lets them neglect reality which is that life is distressful. if there was a god why is it that THOUSANDS of people died on sept. 11, why is it that people die painful deaths, why is it that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, why is it that we still have disease? RELIGION IS CRAZY AND IS LIKE A DRUG. Religion causes people to enter a high and never bcome sober

-- Stanley Wilco (, March 03, 2004.

It's worng that there are people who think that the teachings of the christian bible sjould be in our schools. I'm 13, and i think it's wrong. Iread that up here in Ohio, activists call Jew's "Christ Killers" and also plan on 'Eliminating the teachings of other languages, other than Jesus's native tounge; English'. Do you want this in your schools? They are also the kind that hate homosexuals. Quote'Heather may have two mommies, but she needs to know they're going to hell'. What's worse, "Intelligant Design" has been passed, allowing 10th graders in OH to learn that God created the Earth, but they can't say His name becuase that's not scientific.

Religon is for the home, not the public shcools.

-- Peter CKY Knight (, March 03, 2004.

Once they took God out of the schools the school system took a turn for the worst. The only reason people want God out of our schools is bercause if there is no God, than they can do whatever they feel is right and won't have to answer for there wrong doing after this life. Taking God out of the schools is completly humanistic.What our nation needs to do is go back to the Godly principles that it used to have and worship God and not man. We need prayer again in our schools. God will judge this great nation someday, and I hope that he will find atleast 10 righteous.

-- Joe Marshall (, March 04, 2004.

Sean-Eric Civitares wrote: Just so you're aware, uh, the above stuff you're discussing is MICRO evolution which is already proven. MACRO evolution has not and will never be proved because you can't watch it.

ahhh... a student of Senapathy and/or Michael Denton i'm well aware of the creationists attempts to delineate the differences between "Micro" and "Macro" and the misguided arguments about the diffences between the two. if you would like to start a new forum to argue the points of evolution...i'd be more than happy to address the issue there. let me just state that indeed,Macro evolution is taught as a theory and should continue to be taught that way... however it is a theory based on facts. (if you wish to address the validity of those facts in another forum... let's do so)_

but this forum really is about whether religion should be taught in schools,and as such i ask you this. do you think religion should be taught in schools? yes or no ==================

joe marshall... you stated "Once they took God out of the schools the school system took a turn for the worst." question 1... how long have you been in the school system? question 2... how has the school system taken a turn for the worse? question 3... what basis do you have that the school system took a turn for the worse - because god was taken out of it?

please note that the supreme court's decision in 1962 ENGEL v. VITALE, 370 U.S. 421 is when religion was "removed" from school.

( decision states: Because of the prohibition of the First Amendment against the enactment of any law "respecting an establishment of religion," which is made applicable to the States by the Fourteenth Amendment, state officials may not compose an official state prayer and require that it be recited in the public schools of the State at the beginning of each school day - even if the prayer is denominationally neutral and pupils who wish to do so may remain silent or be excused from the room while the prayer is being recited.)

now... i went to school in the 60's/70's... and i didn't notice a big change in the school system due to the elimination of prayer from school. just possibly, could it be that the lack of discipline in the home by parents today and the the inability for school authorities to properly discipline a child in school... possibly...just possibly... could that be where the schools took a turn for the worse? spare the rod... spoil the child...lot of truth in those words (oh... but i'm being so unpolitically correct now...)

you stated "The only reason people want God out of our schools is because if there is no God, than they can do whatever they feel is right and won't have to answer for there wrong doing after this life"

question 4 huh? do you really believe that crap? i'm an atheist...and you want to know something, i live a heck of a lot more "righteous" life than most of the christians i know. belief in a GOD does not equate to proper civilized behavior, or even morals. want to chat about the multitude of catholic priests molesting of young boys? the fear of hell really made a difference there... huh? through out history, a belief in god has given the religious rightous (that you are so proud to be a part of) the "right" to persecute anyone that haven't believed in their idea of a god. as long as it's in the name of god... it's got to be ok to do. kill, steal, shun, plunder, allow the persecution of the helpless and near annilation of entire population sects (ie. jews during world war II as condoned by the catholic church) is accepted as appropriate long as it's in the name of GOD. i doubt you'll find very many atheists that agree with that kind of behavior.


-- T.Newsom (, March 08, 2004.

I think that if teachers can sit there and teach evolution in a science class then they should be able to teach christian's point of view as well. and as far as prying in school goesw if a student, teacher, or anybody that fills like they want to pray out loud in school then they should be able to. If that afinds somebody I am so sorry but I don't care. I am a christian and I will worship my God any way I want to.

-- Kristin (, March 15, 2004.

Lets just make it real simple, lets not care what's taught in school, just get it done and over with. Just get through the few years of it and that's it, your done. After that, you're free to do as you please. School just has too many complications and way too many problems. Just pass the classes and get out ASAP.

-- Sean-Eric Civitarese (, March 15, 2004.

Our countries laws and standards were based by the christian faith. Our founding fathers were belivers and the first settlers were believers. Allowing religion to be taught in school is something that i believe could help restore the morals and ethics that our country lacks. I know there are many different religions out in the world today, but most all of them teach some kind of morals that could better the generations that are being taught in the school at that time. Freedom of religion is so important in todays society ,and not having it allowed in school were nearly half the worlds population is at is hurting the belief systems. Teens like myself are having difficult times sharing there faith without dealing with leagalistic teachers and school board members who are afraid of upseting non-believers. now i'm not saying to shove religion down everybodys throats, but being open about them and haveing the recources available for people who are curious is not bad, and if people are totally hard headed about religions and belief systems, can go about their ways and not have to deal with any of it at all.

-- K. Scott (, March 29, 2004.

K.Scott you wrote: "Our countries laws and standards were based by the christian faith. Our founding fathers were belivers and the first settlers were believers"

that is incorrect.... here are a few quotes from our founding fathers:

Thomas Jefferson (member of the constitutional convention, president of the united states):

"All persons shall have full and free liberty of religious opinion; nor shall any be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious institution": freedom for religion, but also freedom from religion." Jefferson's proposed language for the new Virginia constitution

"Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between church and State."--Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association on Jan. 1, 1802, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson Memorial Edition

"The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."--Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia , Jefferson the President: First Term 1801-1805

"Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are serviley crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blind faith." -- Thomas Jefferson

" man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship ministry or shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise.. affect their civil capacities."--Thomas Jefferson, Statute for Religious Freedom , 1779, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson

"I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition [Christianity] one redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded on fables and mythology."--Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short,

"No religious reading, instruction or exercise, shall be prescribed or practiced [in the elementary schools] inconsistent with the tenets of any religious sect or denomination."--Thomas Jefferson, Elementary school Act, 1817,


Benjamin Franklin (signer of the Constitution): "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches."--Benjamin Franklin, from Poor Richard, 1758

"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."--Benjamin Franklin,from Poor Richard, 1758

"Religion I found to be without any tendency to inspire, promote, or confirm morality, serves principally to divide us and make us unfriendly to one another."--Benjamin Franklin


James Madison (signer of the Constitution, president of the united states, author of federalist papers 10-63 :the U.S. constitution was based on these, framer of the Bill of Rights):

"During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution." -- James Madison,A Memorial and Remonstrance

"Ecclesiastical establishments tend to great ignorance and all of which facilitates the execution of mischievous projects. Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise, every expanded project."--James Madison

"And I have no doubt that every new example will succeed, as every past one has done, in showing that religion and Government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together."--James Madison in a letter to Edward Livingston in 1822

"The Civil Government, though bereft of everything like an associated hierarchy, possesses the requisite stability and performs its functions with complete success, whilst the number, the industry, and the morality of the priesthood, and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the TOTAL SEPARATION OF THE CHURCH FROM THE STATE."--James Madison


Thomas Paine (author of Common Sense, supporter/instigator for a Declaration of Independence ):

"I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, not by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church."--Thomas Paine

want more... i got em...

-- T.Newsom (, March 30, 2004.

I am a christian that was raised up in a christian home and school. at the age of 11 I moved and was forced to go to a public school. I was very schocked on different the atmospere was and it wasn't because you didn't eat, breath and sleep Jesus but because of the attitude difference. I didn't wittness my first fight until I was in the 6th grade and it was over a BOY. If you are a christian you know that a guy is not worth fighting anouther girl because the boy will choose whomever he wants and that life is to short to be worring about something like that. I only pray that soon everybody will understand that because that is what most of the fights are about at school. As for the fact about if I think teacher should beable to teach about religon. I think that teachers should have the same rights ans students. I believe that they should be able to pray when and where they want, read the Bible when and wherever they want, or worship their God any way they want. I don't belive however that teacher should beable to preach on the subject. in other words if a student asks a teacher a question about their religon they should be able to answer that question or any other question without having to fear about losing their job. I also belive they should beable to be apart of any prayer group with in the school system that they choose. Are christian rights are slowly being taken away from us. Are fore- Fathers faught and died for our religon and in fact in the constution it is stated that all people have freedom OF religon NOT FROM religon. FOr all the ateist you will not belive in what we tell you inless you open your heart and your mind and listen to what we are saying and possibly researching what we are saying and find out where we are coming from and understanding our religon. Alot of times Atiest don't understand our religon and often through it out the window because it doesn't make sense. But life doesn't. And as far as the comment made about " if there is a God then why did so many people die in the September 11th incident well I can't answer that question but I can tell you that God works in mysterious ways and there is alot of things that happen in life that we don't have answers to but we have to have faith that God knows what he is doing and he has a plan for each and every one of us and loves us very much. I f we knew EVERYTHINg then there would be no point in living because it would be so bring but i am telling you that I KNOW that there is a GOD and I pray to him EVERYDAY and I know he hears me because he ALWAYS answers. Sometime it's not the way that I want him to but he does and that is how I live my everyday life.

-- Kristin (, March 30, 2004.

kristen, teachers can and do pray when and where they want... i just don't think they need to be doing it on the payroll that comes from MY taxes i pay... why should my taxes go toward a teacher teaching something totally against my philosophy... if the want to preach and pray - in a teaching related fashion... let them become preists and preachers or teachers in privately funded church schools... funded by the church... and not public schools funded by people's of all religions,agnostics and athiests tax money. the christian rights are not being taken aweay from you... they just need to be allocated to the right forum... not government sponsered... because that steps on everyone else's rights when a common government of all the people shows preference to one sect of the people... hence the need for seperation of church and state.

your right to worship is not in jeopardy here... only your right to have MY taxes pay your tithes and support YOUR rights. oh yeah... BTW ... the old "God works in mysterious ways" is the biggest copout by the holyrollers there is. it's the explain all to everything they can't explain... try getting a different excuse to explain why god doesn't act in the way you would expecr him to.

at least the greek gods had characteristics that explained the way they acted.

you do realize that your god has no more proof or credibility the they roman, greek or nordic gods of mythology... all are founded on unproven faith and belief that were handed down from one generation to another to explain the unexplainable.

i love for you to try to explain why your god has more validity than zeus (greek god), thor (german god),jupiter (roman god) or allah(muslim god) i mean... a real explaination...other than "i know it's true because i have faith" or becasue "it's written in the bible"

note that in each of the gods above, the believers in those gods had just a strong a faith in their gods and written text that supported the validity of their gods just as much as the bible.

their gods couldn't be seen or heard... your god not seen or heard their gods explained why the world existed... your god same thing their gods explained anything that wasn't understandable... your god same thing their gods had powers to perform miracles....your god same thing their gods demanded respect and tithes....your god same thing

see a pattern here?

oh, but i'm sure your much much smarter than all these people... you KNOW! your gods the only one...i forget...kinda sounds a little egotistical to me... but then i forget... everyone that is religious is better than everyone that doesn't believe exactly their way... but that's alright... you'll force that view down our throats until we choke on your egotism.

-- T.Newsom (, April 01, 2004.

and once again... pardon all the typos in the above message... didn't have time to proofread before i posted...

-- T.Newsom (, April 01, 2004.

Most of the States acknowledge God in their Constitutions.

Here is just a few:


"We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage of political, civil, and religious liberty within the Union of States, do ordain and establish this constitution for the State of Alaska."


"We, the people of the State of Arizona, grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution."


"We, the people of the State of Arkansas, grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of government, for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and secure the same to our selves and posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution."


"We, the people of Colorado, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, in order to form a more independent and perfect government; establish justice; insure tranquility; provide for the common defense; promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the "State of Colorado"."


"We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution."


"We, the people of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing upon our endeavors to secure and to transmit the same, unimpaired, to succeeding generations, do ordain and establish this Constitution of government."


"We, the people of the State of Ohio, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare, do establish this Constitution."


"We, the People of the State of Maryland, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty, and taking into our serious consideration the best means of establishing a good Constitution in this State for the sure foundation and more permanent security thereof, declare."


"We, the people of Mississippi in convention assembled, grateful to Almighty God, and involving his blessing on our work, do ordain and establish this Constitution."

So which Constitutions are Unconstitutional?

-- John Vandehey (, April 10, 2004.

Yeah we should have re what people think just because of hat we are. I am Wiccan and proud of it and basically idont see anything wrong with wearing an pentacle around my neck. Basically i dont see the whats wrong with christianity either in school. We both are working up towards wonderfull things and Schools do NOT have a right to tell us to take off our cross or pentacle or shirts unless it is totally in appropriate and my friends Wicca, Pagan, Catholic, and Christianity arent. Thats my Opinion. With Blessings and Blessed Be Victoria C.

-- Victoria Ann Cunningham (, April 26, 2004.

I'm a highschool student at the age of 14.I believe that if a person wants to pray or read the Bible in public school they should be able to.I also beleive that a teacher should have the right to preach religion but I do not think that they should be required to teach any kind of religion.It is the job of the Christians to shair the Gospel of Jesus Christ.I am a Cristian and I believe strongly that we should have the right to express our faith in God.However Christians should not try to force there beleifs on anyone else.God does not want people to pray to him or to read about him because they have to but because they want to.Beacause a love that is forced is not really love at all. October 13,2004

-- Chelsey B. Linder (, October 13, 2004.

I think there is no reason why religion shouldn't be allowed in schools. I think there are more believers than there are athiests so if the athiests don't like than they can chooose not to listen. As far as the teachers go, i feel that if they teach than the student should listen. Athiests don't have to believe a word that the teacher says, but teacing is part of school and students should be required to listen.

-- Jarred D. Wyatt (, November 04, 2004.

To be honest, I think that response is presumptuous and ignorant. The point is not whether there are more athiests than believers in schools, the point is to uphold a separation of church and state within the public schools so as to not exclude ANY of the free- thinking American public. If you are teaching about religion to teach about cultural difference and the effects that religions have on the world around us, that's fine. I think that adds to any curriculum. If you advocate teaching ONLY Christianity in schools because that's what everyone else around you practices, then you only perpetuate a close-minded status quo that got this country into all the trouble it's in now. A person cannot assume that everyone around them is either athiest or Christian -- there are a lot of other religions out there, and just as many shades of believing in each one. Teaching religion in schools is a much more complicated issue than simply determining whether the majority already believe what's to be taught. If students knew more about the variety of religions in this world, then they'd be a lot less apt as adults to use such harsh rhetoric against whomever we Americans have labeled as the ostracized 'other' of the week: Muslims, athiests, fundamentalist Christians, etc. I apologize for the rant, but I'm tired of attending public schools and hearing more and more close-minded thought from the people around me. It's ruining this country.

-- Adrianne Frech (, November 04, 2004.

I'm an 18 year old, college student i strongly suggest that religion should be taught, not any particular one, or anything, but what religion in general would mean to people, even if you don't have one, just probably sitting in a conversation, at least just once, just to see other peoples views about everyone of them, it's not a bad thing if people pray before they eat at lunch, it's how they were raised to respect thier religion in different just lay off the religous people....i have friends that are big on religion and there's nothing wrong with it!

-- Kendall Blakney (, December 02, 2004.

I am a 14 year old fresh men(cathlioc) and i Strongly agree that religion should be accepted in schools, and when i say this im not just saying a christain belief. Every day u see "punks" wearing tshirts with paegan symbols, wicken signs, and satanic sayings against christains, but when christains have shirts with jesus on it and praise the lord, or the pope, Even the virgin mary They are suspended or expelled. All we want is to be able to express our faith, they say keep it at home, but chritsains live by there faith hour by hour and government cannot stop it

-- michael collinson (, January 12, 2005.

I’m a 16-year-old Mormon that goes to high school and up above way up above “I mean the top of the board not heaven or whatever you want to call it”. Religion is defiantly personal and I live in Utah were everyone is Mormon “LDS” and all the teachers apply their teachings to religion and it really pisses me off! If you really think hard do you think you would believe in your religion if you weren’t raised in it? I don’t think I would. But a lot of people are ashamed to admit it. Because they are scared and that is not wrong to be scared of it. I don’t know that much about atheism or if it is even a religion or an type of ethic. But just the thought if they don’t believe in an after life just sitting in the dark is scary I mean you just can’t end… and that idea is sparked by hope or depression “is depression a emotion lol” I think a lot of people are just scared to admit there scared. And you need to find out all this on your own or with your family. It shouldn’t be pushed in your head even though you can’t decide if it is bad or good you shouldn’t just go with the flow sit and think for awhile I mean If you are Christian do you think Jesus just figured out he was Jesus over night or do you think he got it pounded into his head about what to do and did the whole mind over matter thing. If you are Buddhist do you think Buddha just got up and left his family one-day or did he think about it? It should not be pounded in your head at school. Go home or go to church and figure it out. You shouldn’t have just sit there and agree I mean those people that walk out of class because you the supposedly “Christian à Christ like person forced them to pray with them. Did Jesus force any Jew or anyone to pray with him did he say sit with me or be struck by lighting. NO! He didn’t. he thought and let people figure it out by faith he didn’t pound it in.

-- Austin Anderson (, February 03, 2005.

Please don't try to tell me that religion should be taught in all schools! It's proposterous. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. People should be allowed to explore their options of religions or not be religious at all. But if it was taught in school they would be taught a certain religion which that person might not believe in. Whats the use of doing this. Because later on in life they will just drop it if it is not their belief. SO THERE!

-- Kayla Karli Rebecca (, March 08, 2005.

Yo dawg. I would like top say to all ma ballas out thuurr that religion in scoo is wack man. Just drop it like its hot aiight? So just put yooo thoughts back into dat circle of yuurrrs. Aiight? Yu wit dat gansta? Tell me now or foreva hold yooo piece. Peace out ps-when the pimps in da crib ma drop it like its hooooot drop it like its hoooot. im a gansta but yall knew dat!!! WOOO HOOO

-- dawg pound (, March 08, 2005.

Hello there. Well today I am going to be addressing the conflict of religion in public schools. First of all I would like to invite all of you to my teaparty. I am cordially inviting you to 78 Jefferson in Whales, London. I would lke to inform you that we hate religion in schools. It is very bad. LEAVE THE RELIGION OUTTA HERE OKAY~! GOODBYE MUMSY

-- Penelops Kensignton (, March 08, 2005.

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