I have 5 children and the verbal abuse wont stop... I tried to kick him out but he insists on staying

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I am a 29 year old woman with 5 children. My husband is mentally abusive and verbally. Recently it has gotten worse to the extent of the children have express to me "when you and daddy get a divorce I/We want to live with you because you dont yell at us all the time like he does." How can I legally protect myself and family. I am a stay at home mom and 1 of my boys age 3 has C.P. Income isnt an issue. I need to know the law for California. I am shaking like a leaf as I write this......please help me and my kids???

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2002


One thing you must understand is that mental and verbal abuse is domestic abuse. This type of abuse is very hard to get over. The longer you and your children stay in the abuse the harder it is to get over. Also I do not want to alarm you but normally physical abuse will eventually follow at some point. Sometimes it takes years but other times it doesn't. You can contact the National Domestic Abuse hotline and get the number of a shelter nearest you that should have advocates that know the California Laws. I have been working in Domestic Abuse shelters for a number of years and most of them know those laws backwards and forwards when it comes to domestic abuse. If you have any other questions I will be happy to help.


-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

Because I am who is taking care of you, do not panic, I am with you Jesus

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2003

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