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I guess I don't NEED to ask this question, because I've been keeping an eye on prices for a while and I know it's a good deal, but...

I just want everyone's approval to make sure that the cambo wide-angle bellows that I'm about to buy over the net is a good deal. From the photo it looks to be in excellent condition and it's only $90 shipped and everything. There's not some secret place that I've missed where cambo stuff is even cheaper is there? It's harder to find good used cambo stuff than some other brands. I haven't seen them go any cheaper on ebay and new they are over twice the price, so...

Should I buy it or wait? Speaking of wide-angle, what's a decent used 90mm to look for and it's average price? I've been watching ebay for a 90mm for awhile now and see many different models pop up.

-- Jason J (, May 27, 2002


Jason, the Nikon 90f8 SW is a great wide angle lens. Light weight, large image circle, excellent sharpness. The best source is Midwest Photo Exchange ( They have several used ones in stock, as shown on their website. If possible, call, and talk to Jim. The phone number is listed on the website. He knows his LF and will be able to answer your questions. Also, $90 for a Cambo wide angle bellows seems like a great price. Do you have return privileges if it has pinholes or does not fit?

-- Eugene (, May 27, 2002.

I got one(bag bellows) at similar price from ebay sometime ago. Can't go any lower. New bellows costs a couple hundred dollars. For 90mm lens, a recessed board is necessary if your camera is 45n(x). F5.6 version is highly recommended, a lot easier to focus.

-- Aaron Rocky (, May 27, 2002.


Great price on the bellows. If you need/want oen for a Cambo, don't pass it up.

-- Dave Karp (, May 28, 2002.

By the way, what is the source?

-- Dave Karp (, May 28, 2002.

It's from a guy who sells on ebay. He put it up for auction and I was the high bidder but it didn't make the minimum, so the auction got cancelled. Not long after, the guy emailed me and said he'd sell it for his minimumm at $100 plus shipping. I said I'd take it for % 90 after shipping and so he shipped it out today. I think the only reason he didn't have better luck with it selling is because he didn't label it as a cambo bellows. The word cambo was nowhere in the text so you couldn't track it down for your camera. I just stumbled across it and recognized the mounts. He's got some other neat stuff but he knows what it all is, so I wouldn't expect a lucky sale like this. his website is at and it's basically just a link to his ebay auctions... Thanks for the help. Now I'm saving up for a 90mm or 75mm lens. That will take a while...

-- Jason J (, May 28, 2002.

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