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I have an AE-1. When I use the camera with the Speedlite 188A I get photos back where one side is white and the other side is black! (no picture!) I took a couple of test shots and found I only have this problem when I use the flash on the F5.6 setting.

I have an Olympus T32 flash which works fine with the camera.

So do you think it is the flash or the camera with the problem? And should I take my "big" wallet to the repair shop?!

Thanx for your help Ben

-- Ben Ashton (, May 27, 2002


My first (somewhat flippant) response would be to suggest you don't use f5.6!!

This sounds like a flash sync problem in that the shutter is closing before the image has been illuminated by the flash.

This could be a problem with either the flash or the camera shutter.

If your Olympus flash works it is probably the camera although the Olympus flash will have no dedicated features with the Canon AE-1 whereas one would expect the Speedlite to set the sync speed automatically and it could be this which is not working.

Therefore, I would recommend gently cleaning all the contacts on the AE-1 and on the Speedlite and try again.

It may also be worth trying a different lens to see if the problem is consistant across more than one lens although it probably will be.

The AE-1 is excellent when working. How long since you had it serviced? The AE-1 has a known issue with shutter magnets 'drying out' which causes a 'squeak' or even the shutter to jam if not cleaned lubricated and adjusted from time to time. If your shutter squeaks at all , I would guess this is your problem so get a service from a specialist, this should not be too expensive.

Hope this is of some help and that the AE-1 continues to give good service.

Nice Email address you have!!


-- Joe Margetts (, May 27, 2002.

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