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Will the cambo reflex viewer (monocular) fit onto my standard back. It has indents into which my folding focus hood snaps in. Photos of the viewer and the calumet web site arent helping know for sure.


-- Pete Biro (, May 26, 2002



the cambo back has a flat bolt to lock the viewers. A non-Cambo back usually lacks the capability to lock the viewers properly.


-- Thilo Schmid (, May 27, 2002.


Not without modification. I have used a Cambo reflex viewer on a Tachihara and attached it with stick on Velcro. I used two pieces on either side of the ground glass and two similar pieces on the side of the viwer. I attached the viewer to the camera with two opposite pieces of Velcro that mated to the Velcro on the viewer and camera. It worked fine.


-- Pete Caluori (, May 27, 2002.

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