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My DVD Player plays three formats, DVD, CD, and Video CD. Why doesn't it play my Video CD's that I recorded ?

-- clarence dunn (, May 26, 2002


I would look here ( they have a DVD Players Compatibility list link, that if you find your player, it will tell you if it really plays Video CD's.. if you dig a little deeper, they used to have a list of actual cds to use, ones that would be compatible with you player (if it really can play them). I have found, that with my older SONY dvd player (only 2 years old), that it will only play VCD's that I make if they are written to CDRW's, not CDr's. and then only about 80% of the time do they work. I have just purchased a new DVD player, for the express purpose of playing VCD's and SVCD's.. it is on sale at radio shack, and is made by Go- video, on sale for $69.99 after rebate.. not trying to sell you something, i don't work for RS, but this player plays any VCD's that I have made, and I have tired every type of cdr's that I have (8 different brands) and they all play in this player. Hope this helps...

-- kurt klingbeil (, May 27, 2002.

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