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MEDIA RELEASE May 26, 2002 Attention: Chief of Staff

A leader, not a chain saw operator

ABC board member Michel Kroger has made thinly veiled attacks on the ABC board, and its chairman, Donald McDonald. Peter Costello and Alan Jones have been even more critical.

"People are sick of politics in the ABC board room", said Darce Cassidy, Friends of the ABC national spokesperson, today. "The ABC Board made a mistake when it appointed Jonathan Shier. To its credit it has now recognised that mistake.

" Shier has gone, and the ABC is getting back on an even keel. The Acting Managing Director and the ABC senior executive are working well together. There is no reason to rush the appointment of a new chief executive, and every reason to choose carefully this time.

"The ABC is not a political football ground where players from either team score points. The ABC is the most trusted cultural institution in Australia, and an essential part of our media environment, especially at a time when media diversity may be diminished.

"There is already a talented staff and executive at the ABC. The ABC board needs to find a new chief executive who can lead that management and staff through a changing media environment, not a chain saw operator.

"A divided board will find this task difficult. It is time the process of appointing the board was overhauled.

"A system introduced by a conservative government in the UK, known as the Nolan Rules, is worth looking at. It provides for detailed selection criteria to be developed for board members, for vacancies to be advertised, and for a short list to be selected by independent assessors. At alternative system, proposed recently by the Australian Democrats, where the parliament scrutinises proposed appointments to the ABC board, also has benefits."


Contact details Darce Cassidy, National Spokesperson, Friends of the ABC Phone 03 9349 4280 Mobile 0412 685 178 email darce@friendsoftheabc.org

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2002


"People are sick of politics in the ABC boardroom", croaks old Darce!

Well, Darce, old buddy, old pal, taxpayers are sick of politics in the ABC too!

From the AM, WT and PM brigade, to O'Brien at 7.30 not to mention the pathetic bias at Radio National with Adams and his ilk, yes Darce, taxpayers hav had a gutful of it!

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

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