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These Free workshops are intended as gettogether / shooting workshops. They serve as a way to bring this forum to real life, as many of the people who post here on a regular basis will be attending!!! The Mammoth workshop will also include presentations by various photographers and specialist with knowledge relating to landscape or large format photography. It is my hope that everyone who participates in these Free workshops ("newbie" or professional) will find new ideas and inspiration, as well as improve technical skills.

Joshua Tree was the first free workshop. Here is a list of up-coming free workshops this year.:

San Diego, California, July 13 and 14

Red Rock Canyon, California, September 14 and 15

Mammoth Mountain, California, (think Mammoth and Convict Lakes, Devils Postpile, Mono Lake, Yosemite right behind, Bodie Ghost Town, The Owens Valley High Plains (with spectacular fall colors), lava flows south of Bishop, glass flows around June Lake, June Lake loop, Mt. Whitney, Bristlecone pines etc...etc...Oct. 20 to Oct. 26. For you out-of-towners who will be flying in to California for this workshop we will help you get car pools from the Los Angeles area to Mammoth.

More info will be posted on June 3rd.

If you are not yet on the mailing list please email me right away so you can be kept up-to-date!!!

-- Per Volquartz (, May 25, 2002



I am reminded of a saying from another place. It says, "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance". What a bargain you are offering people. I would think this thread should be filled with people getting excited about these workshops. I think you are doing a wonderful thing.


-- Kevin Kolosky (, May 27, 2002.

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