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I'm fairly new at this mountaineering thing. I've got lots of backcountry travel experience, and a little climbing experience. I'd really love to climb the likes of McKinley (or Denali if you prefer)some day. I need some experience. However, I live in central Ohio. Are there ANY somewhat Alpine style, mountaineering type mountains within a couple states? Something anything. I've been to Clingman's Dome in Tennessee (6600 feet), and from my research it seems that's the highest to be had this side of the Mississippi. That's fine, but what about some mixed snow and ice acents? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Jerry Robinson (, May 25, 2002


You have quite a bit of experience to gain before hitting up Denali its a serious mountain. I would recommend heading west. You might be able to find something in the winter to do some mixed acents but I couldnt help you there. Head out to Ranier (I know, its a long ways from there) take some classes and give it a shot. I would recomend a guide the first time up. Ranier is generally considered the best training ground in the lower 48 for Denali. Hope that helps.

-- Jacob Chmielowiec (, July 07, 2002.

the part about the mixed climbs in the winter, this may not have been clear but I intended that pretain to something a little more near by. Also, start climbig a lot of hills. Take care.

-- Jacob Chmielowiec (, July 07, 2002.

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