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Ok, everybody, let's give this one more try. HEYYY YOUUU PIGGGS!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh, milk. ;^}~

Sorry, guys, it's five in the morning, what do you expect? Shakespeare as typed by an infinite room full of monkeys?

Breaker one-nine, come back? (insert squelch noise here)

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002


Felch kitty, what? Hey, guess what? I made a hole in one in a golf tournament last week. I get my name in very small letters in the world golf hall of fame for that. Look it up on your next visit to Florida...


-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

Wow!!! I've never had my name up in tiny letters anywhere, much less the HALL of FAME!!!!!!!! Actually, I once discovered my name and an unpleasant description of things I'd be willing to do for money on the bathroom wall in the greenroom, but it wasn't true....I'd have done them for free, so I marked it out. (The price, that is.)

Congratulations! Hope your head still fits through the door, oh great one.....

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

I accidently did a normal American thing yesterday. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I bought my first GAS GRILL!!! Our plan is to use it as our "summer kitchen" to keep the house cooler, since it would be ridiculous to have air conditioning in the mountains.

Anybody off for Mem. day?? Not I, for I work construction...which means no pay for no work. Paid holiday???? AAAAhahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!!

Happy holidays to you'ns, though.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2002

Congratumafuckinglations Rich. I don't think I've touched a club since abandoning mine that night on the par three course with you guys in Greensboro in favor of skitching on those wonderful dew- covered hills with Gilly until you and TJ had the good sense to take your embarrassing friends home. When WAS that? Hell yes I'm working tomorrow. Doing repairs on this train wreck of a home that some guy is trying to get ready for sale. One of those jobs that I would never do unless I was hurtin' for work. Hourly work is hourly work, but no quality. I could be there for a year, and get close to repairing and replacing all the faulty construction done to a faulty design that's been rotting into the weeds and the ivy for the last thirty years. Can you say hopelessmess? Yeah, yeah, considering the possible alternatives I guess I haven't got it as bad as some, so what am I whining about? But isn't that what this site is all about anydway? Anydway, working or not have a good day y'all, and don't forget the moment of silent prayer for the fallen. Sunburns and calamine to all, Blandy

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2002

Today I'm meeting with a fellow who has been tryiing to makeover and old house for almost a year now and it is still studs and insulation. His first bunch of builders were a bunch of stoners who basically piddled away 17 grand before he fired them, and his last contractor has major heart problems and hasn't worked a lick in four months...(here he comes to save the day.....) so I'm going in with a friend to clean up (none of the windows are installed correctly) and try and finish up. Of course the homeowner is on a tight budget, since these other guys have left him hanging...o dwell. Great to hear from you Andyman!

Happy primary sunburn day of the year!!!

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2002

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