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when I try to create a vcd and open vcd easy software a message is flashed that no cd writer found or ASPI drivers problem where as the I use HP cd writer cd12n which writes the other data to the CD. Kindly help me to solve this problem.



-- rajiv kumar (, May 24, 2002


Hi Rajeev I was having the same problem and i just solved it by installing ForceASPI 1.7 (i guess by this time u might have also done this) but just posting this information i thought it might be usefull for some people like me who might run into this problem.

U can download the forceASPI 1.7 from the below mentioned site :

it downloads a zip file extract it into a directory and open up the index.htm and it explains what to do

briefly what u have to do is 1) run dumpASPI.bat 2) run instASPI.bat 3) Reboot u r PC and the next time u open up your VCD Easy u should be able to see u r CD Writer (Atleast i saw it :) )


-- Murali (, January 20, 2003.

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