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The clergy of the 4th Episcopal District recently gathered at the Camp Baber Retreat Center in Cassopolis, Michigan. It was inspiring, as well as informative. The sessions were lively, and the fellowship rich! I was proud of the fact that this campground is known and respected throughout Cass County. There is a chapel, dining facility and plenty of sleeping quarters. The newest being the Lucille Thomas lodge, named in honor the Bishop Thomas's mother. I was skeptical upon attending, but later was thankful to be in the number! There were no TV's in the rooms, which forged a sense of "community". For the TV junkies (e.g. myself) there was one set in a meeting area. To all of my brothers and sisters, if you are looking for a clean and safe retreat center, please consider Camp Baber! In my opinion, I think attending a clergy retreat is needed! What are your thoughts?

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2002


Ray it sounds like the retreat was a big success. I think clergy retreats are a great idea and they are also excellent for laity. I remember when I moved to Montana 10 years ago, staying in a cabin without tv was a punishment. The only retreat I wanted was to do one in Macy's or bloomingdale's in NYC and shop. But now I am truly a Montana womah, I love being in the forest, Yellowstone National Park. This sunday May 26th my congregation is going into the mountains and we will have an outdoor service, then we are going fishing for cuthroat trout. My trustee has challenged me to a fishing competition. He is going to loose! We have decided that one a month in the summer we will bo camping. By the way Montana is known for it's trout fishing, the average cutthroat trout is 24 inches long. We are getting the tourist in our town, and it is great to see them. For it makes all of us appreciate our neighborhood park, Yellowstone National Park. Ray I am curious what were some of the workshops on the retreat?

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

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