Loading 5x7 in Expert 3005 Drum

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Anyone processing 5x7 in the Expert 3005? I'm wondering how you are positioning the film in the drum when loading. Things like which dimension goes vertical and how far down in the tube do you push the film. Looking for someone who has actually done this.

-- Chuck Pere (jcpere@aol.com), May 22, 2002


Roll the film so the long axis (7") is around the circumference of the tube, emulsion side in, of course. Push it all the way down, and if you are using a staining developer such as rollo pyro or pyrocatHD, position the two ends of the film so they face OUT from the drum's center, instead of toward the middle. This will prevent you from getting some irregular staining streaks in the middle of your negatives.


-- clay harmon (wcharmon@wt.net), May 22, 2002.

To add what Clay said, make sure that you follow the JOBO instructions and carefully level your processing unit fore and aft.

That will insure that the innovative drum design is not compromised in the development process as they need to be perfectly level.

-- Michael Kadillak (m.kadillak@attbi.com), May 22, 2002.

I do 5x7 processing in 3005 and 3006 (one more sheet and it DOES fit) drums. Rolling along the 7 inch length gives it a longer circumference and keeps it more rounded out against the sidewalls of the drum during spinning. Push all the way down. All this gives more even development.

-- Rob Tucher (rtphotodoc@hotmail.com), May 24, 2002.

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