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I am currently studying ICT at St Thomas More, RC School. For my Unit 2, I would have to research into Serving Organisation. For this, I must understand: 1. How the organisations are structed, 2. How organisation use and exchange information, 3. How ICT can and does help organisations, 4. Consider how ICT supports many different activities in organisations and 5. See how ICT offers new opportunities.

As I have chosen to base my work on Lloyds TSB, I would be most grateful if you have any information that would help me with my course.

Thank you for your time, Yours Sincerely, Anne Nguyen

-- Anne Nguyen (, May 22, 2002


Further information is available on the Foundation by way of our Foundation for the Future and Annual Review 2001.

Both documents are available on request by contacting our office by: telephone/e-mail/letter. The Annual Review can also be viewed by downloading it from this website.

-- Elaine Wilson (, July 19, 2002.

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