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-- Anonymous, May 21, 2002


I think we have reached the point in time when committed Christians, who believe in the Bible, in traditional moral values expressed in the 10 Commandments, and who believe in family values based on marriage between one man and one woman, can no longer in good conscience, vote for most Democratic candidates.

Not only is this an issue for Christians, but for Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Hindus, Shinto’s, and others. I’m no religious scholar, but if I am not mistaken, most world religions oppose many of the moral positions of those who shelter under the banner of the Democratic Party on some very important social issues. The Democratic Party is the Party of Abortion on Demand, Homosexual Marriage, and removing all references to God and religious values from American Life.

1. The Democratic Party is the homosexual rights party, which supports homosexual civil unions and homosexual “marriage.” The Biblical condemnations of this are clear and unequivocal. But God gave us free will to either accept or reject his Word. Homosexuals have great freedom in our country. They can do whatever they want in their bedrooms. They can make any private commitment they choose and can make legal provisions to share property and income, give each other powers of attorney, make living wills concerning health decisions and make wills to leave their property to each other. Yes, family members can challenge these wills, but family members can also challenge the wills of heterosexual individuals.

But this is not the primary reason homosexual activists are trying to legalize homosexual marriage. In Canada where gay marriage is legal, the vast majority of gays don’t get “married.” In Scandinavia where homosexual “marriage” has been legal for a number of years, the average length of the relationship is 1.5 yrs. Partners in gay marriages average 8 extramarital partners a year. The gay lifestyle is notoriously promiscuous and is incompatible with family life.

Homosexual activists are pushing gay marriage as a tactic, as a vehicle to force acceptance of homosexuality as normal behaviour. The most hallowed, the most sacred, the most fundamental relationship and the foundation of any human society is marriage and family. If homosexuals can gain the right to legal marriage they have access to the family and family life. Homosexual adoption of children becomes legal everywhere and homosexual “parents” become authority figures and role models for children in the home. If you want to change society long term, start with the children. Influence and “convert “ the children. The children are our future. This is the holy grail of social and institutional change. The gay activists want to redefine marriage and family life.

They know legalizing homosexual marriage changes the definition and structure of the family, the basic building block of human society. And since the homosexual union is not fruitful of human life and is not the source of the human family, they have no legitimate legal claim and no civil right to marriage or to legal unions that include children, unless we give it to them through gay marriage. The homosexual lifestyle is NOT the norm of family life and to raise children in an environment that expresses and condones this lifestyle is a lie. It gives the child a false perception of the nature of man and woman and what constitutes a family, and could easily create confusion in the child’s understanding of sexuality – including the child’s own sexuality. It puts innocent, vulnerable children in an environment where they daily view sexual perversion as a norm of family life.

John Kerry and John Edwards both support homosexual civil unions, which implicitly includes homosexual adoption of children. In fact John Kerry voted against DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act that President Clinton signed into Federal law in 1996. This is not to say there are no Republicans who are not supportive of these issues, but support of these issues is the norm rather than the exception in the Democratic Party.

2. The Democratic Party is also the party of Abortion on Demand and it’s the party of those who supported and continue to support Partial Birth Abortion. Abortions in this country have never really been about saving the life of the mother, and that is even truer in these times of advanced medical knowledge and technology. From the very beginning of legalized abortion in this country, it became a matter of abortion on demand to the tune of 1.3 million abortions done a year. How long will we continue to tolerate the idea that a woman has the right to sentence her unborn child to death in the name of freedom of “choice” and lifestyle? Does an unborn child deserve to be murdered just because the child is unexpected, inconvenient, or the source of economic or social embarrassment?

Legalized abortion was made the law of the land in the U.S. Supreme Court decision called Roe v. Wade. But even “Roe” (not her real name) has repented of her role in this landmark decision. She is now an ardent spokesperson for the Pro-life, anti-abortion movement. Since Roe V. Wade, an estimated 45 million babies have been killed in America in the name of Freedom of Choice and lifestyle!

3. Partial Birth Abortion is the logical extension of abortion on demand (infanticide on demand) made legal by means of Roe v. Wade. Most people don’t realize what happens during a “partial birth abortion” because it is a fairly mysterious term that gives no clue to how the procedure is performed. This form of abortion is only done in the final trimester of pregnancy, namely the 7th, 8th & 9th months of pregnancy. The physician induces labor, and when the baby’s head emerges from the birth canal, an incision is made at the base of the baby’s skull. A tube is inserted into this incision, and the baby’s brain is vacuumed or suctioned out of the skull, or the skull is crushed.

Even the Nazi’s with all of their atrocities, never came up with anything as horrible and brutal as this. Yet this vile “procedure” was perpetrated on late term, viable babies for a number of years in our country. Finally even some proponents of a woman’s “right to choose” could no longer stomach this revolting form of child murder, and a majority of both political parties came together in a bi- partisan movement to ban partial birth abortion. Despite this effort President Clinton vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion twice. Needless to say the procedure is endorsed and embraced by NOW (the National organization of Women) Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other elements in the left wing of the Democratic Party

John Kerry and John Edwards both support the procedure on the grounds that banning this form of abortion interferes with a woman’s right to choose.

Partial birth abortion was not abolished until a Republican President came into office. But the National Organization of Women, the ACLU and other members of the far left wing of the Democratic Party filed legal challenges in 3 states, to overturn the ban in the liberal courts of America. They succeeded on June 1, 2004, when a lady judge in San Francisco, not only abolished the ban, she even stated in her ruling that the pain suffered by the baby in this procedure is “irrelevant.”

4. The Democratic Party is the party of those who want to make America a completely secular society with no mention of God or the Bible -- banning any public display of the 10 Commandments, of nativity scenes, and prayer in our schools and public places. This is the party of those who want to remove “One Nation under God” from our pledge of allegiance. They want to remove “In God we trust” from our currency and all mention of God from public Life.

5. It seems most of the forces in the culture that tend towards the erosion of pride in our country, family life, and in traditional moral and family values, seek shelter under the umbrella of the Democratic Party in this country. For instance, people in the “soft” and hardcore pornography industry in this country -- including the purveyors of gangster rap, smut in movies, music videos, TV, Radio, video games, the theater and the Internet are NOT going to vote Republican!

We have reached the point in our country’s history when America is quite literally fighting for its soul.

One has only to look at the anti-moral programming typified by much of “reality” TV, Shock Radio, in commercials, in situation comedies, in movies, plays, magazines, and books that undermine traditional marriage and family life in favor of sex outside of the bonds of marital commitment, non-traditional family living arrangements, and gay relationships, to realize there is a concerted movement in this country against The Family and against the traditional Judeo- Christian moral values this country was founded upon.

The media in all its forms “preaches” sexual promiscuity, and acceptance of deviant sexual practices in the name of freedom of expression, with all the fervor of any religious evangelist --all the while ridiculing virginity and chastity until marriage. Too often family role models in the media are in the mode of self centered, irreverent, dysfunctional and foul-mouthed characters injected with massive doses of “humor” to make them palatable.

No wonder the divorce rate is soaring in this country when so much of what is in American culture these days militates against faith-based, stable, monogamous marital unions between men and women. And virtually all of the forces in the culture that tend towards the erosion of traditional moral and family values seek shelter under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. Democrats must be held accountable for this, or they need to publicly repudiate these elements in the Party.

Am I saying that voting for the Republican Party is going to solve all the country’s moral problems? No, I do not believe this to be the case. The Republican Party does not embody all that is morally right and good. But more members of this party seem to have respect for the historical reality that this country was founded by men who had a profound belief in God and entrusted “their lives and their sacred fortunes” to his care in establishing the American Republic. This party seems to have more respect for traditional moral values. And on certain key moral issues like abortion on demand; partial birth abortion; the protection of marriage and the family, the Republican Party is more in conformity with core Judeo-Christian beliefs.

The Democrats have effectively blocked key Republican Judicial appointments to federal judgeships that would install more conservative jurists in our nation’s major courts, and insure a more balanced Judicial System in this country.

We need to re-elect President Bush and we need a decisive conservative majority in the U.S House and Senate and in our State Legislatures. The pendulum has swung way too far in the direction of the far left liberal special interest groups and the gods of political “correctness” that call the Democratic Party home!

The more morally ambiguous and corrupt our culture becomes the greater the opposition to the 10 Commandments and the Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of our country. This is inevitable because strong moral values are a constant reproach and obstacle to the forces of amorality and indecency that are destroying our culture and our nation from within. These opposing views of life and the world cannot ultimately co-exist. There is abundant historical evidence of the fate of nations that succumb to forces that destroy the family and promote sexual promiscuity and perversion. In the coming Presidential & Congressional elections, we need to make a choice – a moral choice!

Think about it. Pray about it. And decide.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

Sin is sin and God is no respecter of persons. Nor does He uphold any of us in our sin. Sexual sin is no different from any other of our sins. It is just as sinful to lie, steal votes, gerrymander elections, hate our so called enemies or deny alms to the poor.

The records of our President and other Republicans now in power leave me no choice but to vote Democrat. Furthermore I shall do all within my power to see that as many Democrats as possible are elected in November this year.

The same God who has given us all free will to choose, has also given us the mind to do what is right and pleasing in his sight regardless to who holds earthly power as elected officials of the Government.

My faith in Jesus as my only Master and Lord is neither based on the platforms nor the promises of government. For He has said a New Commandment I give you, that you love as I have loved. While we were yet sinners He loved us so much that he bled and died. So we do not have the right to hate the sinner, even though, with God's help, we flee from sin.

The legislation of morals properly belongs to the Church and home not to the State. Thus, we cannot not and should not look to the State for enforcing them.

I am not only a committed Christian but a loyal Democrat and I will not be sidetracked by religious propaganda or otherwise. PROPAGANDA is all this form of thinking is. It has not one iota to do with the truth of whether we are the Lord's.

In no way is our salvation based on our votes. But it is based on this criterion alone:

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou SHALT BE SAVED."

Come November I, for one, will vote solidly Democrat.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

To Concerned:

All that said and yet you chose to remain anonymous. Interesting indeed.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2004

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