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So yesterday evening I had the nicest ime weeding! For some reason the fire ans were not all over me and the garden, although it is overgrown and there are some toms that are spreading waaaaayyyy out of their boundaries, is just beautiful. I harvested some beans, and onions and planted the few remaining peppers I had in pots. I wish I could just garden every day.....sigh. God's sysem is just so amazing, and every thing in gardening just illustrates His lessons, and sovereignty.

It has been very cool here the past couple of mornings. 48 yesterday. I have no idea if we are to get rain anytime or not. If we don't, I imagine hay will be quite precious around here. Thinking about trucking a load back from MO wih me. I want to check and see what alfalfa is going for here. Hay here is currently $4.90 for grass hay and $8.95 for alfalfa in square bales. This is already pretty high.

My guineas are still setting, I think today is the day they were supposed to hatch out the keets! Wouldn't that be neat? Course I will have to catch the little ones and brood them myself, but I sure hope they do hatch out!

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2002


I got a new kitten yesterday. Poor hing covered in fleas. I found out hat baby powder will take care of them to a pretty good degree.

Had a bad night last time to write about it tho'. Oh well. This too shall pass.

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2002

I have no idea why my "t" key either doubles or just doesn't work at all on this computer!!! How irritating. Then I post things and look a like a poor person who either can't type or can't spell or both. I can do those things-just not terribly proficient at typing without looking at the keyboard. Oh well.

So that little kitten has just about screamed her way off the place! She is the cutest little thing, but my oh my, does she beller! I thought she was just lonely so I brought her in the house last night. Well, she doesn't yell if you are holding her, but she wants to move and when she gets five or ten feet away from you- MMMEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! In the loudest voice a little teacup could possibly muster. I think she has those Bose speakers for lungs. It's really incredible. At 4am she was sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor just screaming and all three dogs were sitting with their heads tilted just looking at her so quizically that if it hadn't been 4am it would have been a wonderful photograph. I haven't found a name for her yet...perhaps Pita.

The garden is doing well...the drainage digging is going slowly, the work computer troubles linger on. The sky still will not give up any moisture here.

Tomorrow will be another day!!! I am praying for rain. The poor trees are starting to lose their leaves to stress.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2002

I am so happy the little kitten is not as scared or lonely anymore. She is such a cuttie...actually le me sleep through the night last nightt. You know she is loud because I have her in the barn and it is over 100' from the house, and she was waking me!

It's lovely today, and I hope to get the drains all fixed, and some gardening done. I really wantt to ttake a pressure washer tto the inside of my house, but I think it might ruin a hing or two:). Sure would go quickly though.

I have a hen who is considering going broody and I sure hope she does so and has a big ole hatch! I need some new blodd in my chickens because my main hens are over 3 years old now. One is probably 5 or 6. That would be gertrude. She was a gift of three original chickens and she is also the one considering going broody.

I must bomb the house today. The fleas are getting really bad here.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2002

My T key is out of control again. It is impossible to spend the time correcting every T you have to type---grrrr. I don't know why this compute is this way, the one at work puts them in when I hit them and doesn't cause duplicates. Drats.

Oh well. The new kitten has worms very badly. I am giving her fenbedazole. She seems better this morning than last night, and I am thankful for that.

I spoke with my oldest sister last night and she will be going in for popossibly more surgery this next week. She has another adhesion and they want to do a dye injection to determine where it is adhering. They think it's on one of her kidneys this time. That poor girl.

A friend wrote me the most encouraging and humbling letter I believe I have ever received. It was such a timely message and blessing that I think I'm going to keep it forever.:) Or as long as I am here! It is so good to know you have a positive affect on someone at least.

Harvesting beans and a few tomatos from the garden these days. I'm letting the chard and the lettuce go to seed so I can hopefully harvest tthat soon.

This memorial day seems vey important to me. We really must do more than say a casual little 'thank you". We need to contemplate our roots, and our reasons for existing as a nation. I'm just so American I can't even think about any other country. If we really contemplate II Chronicles 7:14 we will get a much better idea of our position. My heart just breaks for this nation. I'm making a conscious effort to lift every veteran I know by name up to God Almighty today.

I wish all of you a safe and enjoyable day!---and week!

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2002

It RAINED last night!! I thought I deamt it, but lo and behold, I awoke and the ground was wet! So were the canning jar boxes I had set outside to keep them from cluttering up the kitchen, but the mice get in them anyway! I'll just think of something else to use. Thank you Lord for the rain!

I noticed that more than a few of he romas are turning to red, and I got one batch of beans done last night. Need to do a bunch of pickles here too. I am excited about making the infamous granma nettesheim garlic dill pickles. Never did them before and do SO hope hey turn out. I let the kitten into the house last night...simply couldn't resist. She may be too cute for her own good. My barn cats really seem to not like her and two of them have disappeared since she was installed in the holding pen there.

I can't get the new forum to come up again this morning. Three days in a row it won't come up at my forum time. Is it a message??? Gotta run!

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2002

Wow. I am thinking that I am simply just over all this forum stuff. Here I was going to ask Lesley to babysit while I go to my nieces wedding only to come here and find that there are more jerks than I even thought. I also got an email seemingly indicating my Mac has a virus.

Getting prepared to become a full blown Luddite.grrrrr.

I may not be around for a few days. Everyone take care and God's blessings on those who would like them!

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002

Well, I am back home...sort of! I had to pull over twice last night to catch a nap just so I could make it.

My brain is decidely addled, and I am twitterpated. To be honest, there are some things that I simply just can't write down in this format. Even though I know there won't be any sniping it is just a tic too raw for me, I guess......Maybe when I have a handle it I will be better able to share it here.

More later, when I have had some zzzzzzzzzzzz's!

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2002

I am so excited about possibly selling the business. It sure seems like a sign from God that I need to get to the Missouri property a bit faster than my business partner would like. These guys we know in Germany who are staunch little capitalists have expressed their interest in buying our entire business and relocating the main print manager here from germany. I guess he went off tto sit on mountain tops last year and find himself. Don't know what he found:).... This is AMAZING. See we print basically four lines, neither my partner nor I are terrrifically inclined to sales....if someone were and they had the time to do it they could easily make the company do about three times as much as it currently does. We keep busy doing no sales calss and no advertising:). Kind of the antti business business. Our motto has been ...No salesman will call, amongst others. Anyway, it would be such an answer to prayer for me.Just the idea that someone would be interested in the whole thing is amazing. That would make for a quick sale....then after the show in January were done, I could sell this place an move on down the road. Wow.

Of course life is always subject to change:)-

The garden is producing well, and I must spend all day in it Saturday trying to reclaim some of it. I planted too much in there again....ugh. Oh well. It will be alright.

My little chicken is recovering, something tried to get her while I was gone and I have her on a course of antibiotics and am packing the wound with hydrogen peroxide followed with neosporin. Poor little thing yells when I pour on the hydro.

Swirly is going to make it from her snake bite, praise god for this! Her poor face looked like an over stuffed balloon. It must have been a big snake as the fang marks were about an inch and half apart. Sweetest thing is Joel called me to check on her! Course I missed the call, but the electronic secretary caught it for me.

My folks are going to be in for a rough summer, I'm afraid. My eldest sister's daughter is staying with tthem and working at the vets down the road. She is at he age where she needs a heavy dose of reality. Seventteen, and she won't get her drivers license, expects her folks to cater to her every whim and is pulling stunts left and right like being told she couldn't go to a party and defying her parents and going anyway and then staying out all night. Like I said, she is seventeen. I just hope she steps out of it faster than I did. I was such a jerk. She has always been a very good kid, and this past year she has just aken to being angry and defiant. Her mom has terrible health troubles and she must resent that on some level. She hurt my sister terribly by telling her that she was ashamed to be her daughter and she didn't need her at all...ow. I am seriously hoping that extra respect given to grandparents stays in effect for the summer. Denise and her hubby just didn' want Shannon sitting around the house all summer with nothing to do while they worked and getting herself into trouble. Definitely something to remember in prayer.

I must get outside now. God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Man I am so upset. My four year old Border Collie, Sprocket has started killing my birds. He KNOWS better than this. I don't know what to do. I would have tied the last one to his collar but it was so covered in fire ants that there was no way I could have held it to do that.....Auuuugh. I love this dog and I don't want to have to get rid of him. I also don't like whacking him, and I had to do that as well. He is in the kennel in punishment and spent the night out in a thunderstorm (thanking God for the rain!)- but to be honest friends, I NEED advice on this. He killed two of the small chicks at maybe three weeks old, and now yesterday I came home to a dead guinea. I repeated the shotgun therapy that broke them all of it three years ago, but I don't know if it will work on him now. He is an extremely strong willed dog, and he would be a fabulous head dog for cattle as he has no fear.

My birds seem to have a moratorium on reproducing themselves. Either that or the fireants cause them to give it up. I must have the birds as they control these grasshopper plagues, and I can't have a dog who just kills them because it's fun. I am just so upset....

Anyway, I am thankful for the rain, but it is hard to be happy when I am so upset.....Hopefully today will be better!

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

Well things have been absolutely bizarre and mind shatterring for me lately. Thanks to all of you for your advice on Sprocket. I have taken to putting him in the kennel when I am gone. He really doesn't like it, but I guess we all have to have our boundaries made terrifically clear from time to time, and I believe he is clear now.:) All of my dogs know I am the boss and are very well behaved. I haven't obediance trained them, but I spend a lot of time with them and they all listen to voice and visual commands and if they cause me to yell at tthem tthey ac as though ttheir gult will never end. Sprocket however puts the face on when you look at him, but his shame goes away as soon as you turn your back.

I won a victory at the property tax hearing today. I just prayed as I walked there and it went very well. I didn't have to swear an oath to something I have no familiarity with and they didn't fall over when I told them I couldn't do that:)- Whew! God is good!

My garden is overgrown, I need to focus on a whole bunch of things that must be done and my brains are scrambled......I am going to sleep early tonight.

I have really enjoyed reading all of your postings this evening and feel somewhat calmed and rather blessed to be able to do so. If anyone has extra room on their prayer lists, I would like to ask you o add my name there---Just that I follow God's will and that He give me strength of discernment for a week or two. I would really appreciate it. God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

Still need to get into the garden and take out about fifteen tomato plants and fight the fireants off of me. I canned a bunch more pickles last night and I will see if they are actually crispy tonight. I'm a little worried because some of the garlic slices look funky and I am going to ask my Mom about that before I eat any of them.

I'm afraid this man that is "interested" in me is much too needy for me. Since I was canning and had the radio up loud I didn't hear the phone. He left a message....then another one saying to call him today. That's fine. Then a third one telling me he is freaking out and scared and worried...and where am I??????? Why am I not answering the phone? Then a fourth one saying "If I don't hear from you in an hour I am coming over, I'm really worried...what is wrong? Are "we"(?!!) okay, why won't you talk to me?"----I need that like a big hole in the cerebellum.

I'm creeped out hard. So that is what has been bugging me, and making me all brain addled. I told him he needed to relax and not to call me for at least two days. I also told him he needs to seek God first and formost and everything else should be secondary. I sincerely covet your I am wigged. Thanks very much....whew.

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2002

Yeah!! We had rain! Not just spitting little dribble, but an actual storm followed by a steady rain! Thank God! the grass looks happier, the air is cooler, the runoff trough is full again, Yipee!!!! I may actually be able to trim the goats hooves- Oh glorious day:)

I have reclaimed most of my garden, but there is still alot to do. Took rabbits into town yesterday.....the south side store had a poor sick rabbit in there and I have never seen earmites like that even in pictures. They said someone brought her in three days ago. One ear was completely stopped up with it. Horrifying. The one worker said he would take care of her, but I don't know if he would have the patience. She also had what may be mange. Poor thing. I still have four 5 week old bunnies to sell.

Take care and I hope everyone has a good day celebrating Father's Day!


-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002

I'm afraid I am either getting sick or maybe I am depressed. I've just been really tired lately and I don't know why. I'm sure the heat takes a toll, but this seems to go beyond it. Like I just don't have the energy nor the patience to deal with people- I just want to sleep...and the thing is that it isn't like one of those times when "everyone" is really needing you and you get spread thin.

What I have figured out is that I am ever so much more comfortable giving voice to my thoughts as opposed to my feelings. Maybe all of these years of bringing feelings that have been too overwhelming under control have taken a toll the other way. It's like I have to stand back from myself and analyse my feelings from the third person position in order to be able to give a voice to them. Maybe that's why I like music so much- it doesn't matter what it is you -say- the feelings are given voice and you can't take offence at a c#, or say that the c# is just self indulgent and wrong.:)-Not that there aren't self indulgent pieces of music, just that there can't be a self indulgent note. Ah well.

Some good things have manifested themselves from the seeming turmoils I have been going through of late. I feel solidified in the decision to go to Missouri and actually believe that is where God wants me to go and not just where I want to go. Also we did some number crunching and today we give the first dollar amount for the sale of the business to the guys who expressed interest in it. They don't want the building so that will have to go seperately. Not a big deal. I hope that God helps this to go quickly as I really feel that we are in a serious "moving" time. If just the business is sold I will be doing pretty well and have no debt even after building a small barn and small house up there. That would be a big ole blessing.:)

The chemtrails are back after being gone for severral weeks. I was so enjoying looking at a blue sky and the clouds God made instead of the contrails that hang out for hours and make the sky somewhat white. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it, so I just have to enjoy the sky when it is free from these things and that is about all I can do.

I am putting in an automatic watering system for my rabbits. This will save a fair amount of time. I got the first run of electrical done to the lean to and need to run the wire to the chicken coop for the fan in there, and then hook the whole deal up to a new box. I know that is really the easy part, but I just feel afraid of doing it for some stupid reason. Heck, there are only three wires, it isn't rocket science!

I need to get out and do the chores. I'm hoping to get a little time in the garden as well before work. God's blessings to all of you!

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Well I had a heavy dity phone night last night! Whew, my ear may still be red! My folks called and then this guy David called, and then this lady called about goats.

My Mom's knee is giving her a lot of trouble. Evidently she has bone spurs and she has been using a cane a fair amount of the time. I sure hope she doesn't have to have surgery. My niece is adjusting to the fact that he earth doesn't revolve around her so things are a bit more even keeled for them now then a few weeks back. I really wish I knew as much as I thought I did when I was eighteen!

Submitted tthe first price for everything to the guys who may want to buy the business....seeing as the dollar is spiraling downward they may just take it---that would be such an incredible blessing! I am just ready for tthe next phase of my life I guess.

So this David fellow---well he was very cool last night and I felt good about the conversation. I don't think he is a bad guy, just a very messed up one and I know if he can submit himself to God that He will straighten out the most distressing messes. I sure hope that is the case. He freaked me out really bad, and was awfully apologetic for doing so-whew. I am just verry wary and will continue to be that way:).

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

Well it is summer, and it feels like it here! Man, siesta has some definite logic behind it. I got some gardening and some other niggling things done, but it seemed like everything was a struggle today. I just love days where I get a lot done, and I guess I am a little less than realistic too much of the time.

One of my hens has gone broody again- I sure hope she sets through. It would be great to have some more hens. I have plenty for myself, but my birds are mostly 4 or more years old now and they are getting a bit sketchy on production. I just need some fresh blood:)

I really am considering asking someone else to moderate my forum for a few weeks. I just want a bit of a break from it. It's like it is always right there at the back of my mind and I just want to step away for awhile. The problem is who??? Hmm. maybe I'll put out an ad for temporary--- attempting to remain rational regardless of the subject-. Oh well, I will figure it out.

My sister Dottie just doesn't return phone calls anymore. I so wish that she would knock down her barriers to our family. She's been causing folks a lot of hurt by acting so indignant and aloof for so long. yup. Me included. I love her to pieces, but right now I am not understanding her. heavy sigh....Patience, I guess. My strong suit.NOT.

I got the stuff for my rabbit watering system. That should save some time. It seems the switch for the lights in the barn went on me, so I have to fix that now...and someday-Maybe even tonight! I will fix my oven again:).

Nothing much from here. We need rain again. God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2002

Well ain't life just amazing??? I am so blessed to have had a revelation from the Lord regarding why my heart just breaks into pieces still after nearly 15 years when the subject of abortion is raised. It is just Him letting me have tthe benefit of feeling a small amount of the pain He feels at our rejection of Him and His helps to give power to my testimony as it is palpable to even the very hardened of hearts. So it ends up glorifying Him----What a blessing this has been:).....I have wondered why even though I know I am forgiven and that he has washed me white as snow this intense pain has remained- hmm:)

Well, I am taking a break from the net for awhile. Things are fine here except for my best wether is sick with what I believe is pnuemonia, but I was more frightened that it was urinary calculi. I'm glad to report that I think my first diagnosis was incorrect.

Everyone have a great remainder of the week- I'll write more in a few days.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2002

I reckon that since I am in a story telling mode of late, I will tell you all a story that isn't yet finished.:)

Several years ago I went to buy some wood from this guy David. He started witnessing to me, telling me a story about how this lady friend of his had been praying to the Lord for a husband and asked to be shown some picture of him so she would recognize him when she met him. Well, the Lord gave her a solid picture of the man's hands. So there is this bar and deli in town, and this lady went to fill out an app for the deli- the fella who owns this place has the hands God showed her. This guy is an openly gay man in a small town in Texas with the only place that doesn't play country music exclusively....She goes back to God and says-"Uh, may I please have some clarification, Lord???"The Lord gives her another picture of this very man's hands and his stature. The long and short of it are, she got the job in the deli, the man who owned the bar repented, was saved, fell in love with her, they married, sold the business and moved away....Wow! Cool!!

The impact of that story on me was to awaken my need for fellowship. I had been saved two months before I moved to California and when I got there I tried to find a church, but none of them were perfect (ahem) so I determined that if I had the Bible and studied it I would be just fine, I didn't need to hang out with a bunch of hypocritical folks to stay close to God. lol. So by the time I got here to Texas six years later I was nearly starved to death a completely ineffective Christian, who was still just a baby when I should have been fairly grown up. After I'd been here for 18 months is when I bought the wood from David...He told me that he and his wife were trying-again(he said)- to get their marriage back together.

Fast forward to now....He's been back working at the hardware store for a year or so and was always really helpful to me when I go in. In December he told me that he and his wife were splitting. Then one day he asked me about printing some shirts for his bowling team...3, which is just a silly number for silkscreening. I thought on it a bit and decided that I'd just print them for him at cost because he was instrumental in getting me back into fellowship. So I called his home number to leave that message for him fully expecting him to be at work, but he was there. He wanted to know what he could do gor me in return, and I told him hat he already had helped me by witnessing to me---then he started talking a blue streak and basically he hasn't stopped except for 5 days when he totally freaked me out because I gave him a book on the NWO which totally freaked him out and he was wayyyy too far ahead of himself and acting needy, which for me is a major problem. And I really LIKE talking to him. A lot:).

Turns out that he has fibromyalgia and had taken these new meds to deal with the pain and sat down to read that book and lost his marbles, and he is looking into alternative ways to deal with this stuff as he was an addict and these meds are really heavy.

This is turning into a long story!

Anyway, he had asked if I might want some chickens as he had to thin his out because he lives in town and someone in the neighborhood had complained about too many chickens running around there. So I said sure as they were banties- I walked in from church the next day and he phone rang and he had caught he chickens and had them in the carrier ready to go and wanted to bring them over. Well he also brought me flowers. Sunflowers seedlings he had started. :) And his kids. I really like his kids, too.

So I gave him some homesteading mags and that book on the NWO to see how he took it. When he saw the cover on one of the mags he said, "That's what I am really interested in. Preparedness. And MAN do I want to build an earth berm home." That's exactly what I want in Missouri. So then he freaked out later, and then we had a letter writing campaign, and I told him that we couldn't see each other at all until his divorce was final------nothing has happened, and I have only seen him when he came by with his kids and when I gave him those books, but I don't want even the thought of impropriety to occur because he is fighting for custody of his kids, and because I just can't because I'm a Christian-- then he called and wanted to know some web sites and the forum address. Then we had more letter writing. Then we have just talked on the phone for hours. And hours.

He says everything that I could possibly want to hear, he is thankful that I am so adamant about being moral...He is a Christian, and he says that part of his attraction to me is that whenever he was around me he just felt really good and that he didn't know why it was, but after talking to me more he knows it is because of my walk, and that he wants to strengthen his walk and be obedient to God...that if this works out beween us it is his utmost desire to be a worthy spriritual head of the house, and to honor God.

On the divorce issue...he hasn't talked badly about his wife at all. Just that she has a lot of problems. They had been divorced for two years and then she came pounding on the door a year ago begging for him to take her back as her mom was sick and dying from cancer...So he took her in and her mom-even though he had serious reservations about it. In Texas, all you have to do to be considered married is to refer to eachother as husband and wife in public. So in order to avoid her going after him for abandonment they had to be found as married, and file for the divorce on the same day. They were going to split custody and have him take their son and her their daughter...but meanwhile she is supposed to take them for half of the week and she hasn't taken them for three weeks. She hasn't in called in over a week. So he is going for custody of both children, and if there is no contention in 2 weeks it will be all legal.

So there is obvious need for prayer:). But if I started to make a list of 'coincidences' in things it would be many pages long and crazy. It's like we led a parralell existence in so many ways. This is really scary for me as I have pretty much made everything so intellectualized that it's kid of like I have to pull out my feelings and set them on the table and try to describe them from an observational standpoint. I used to be really impetuous and just go flying into relationships without spending time getting to know eachother first...I always did everything my way, now I want to do everything God's way.Obviously my didn't work out very well:)

I think he is incredible. AND when I asked him if he would ever move to Missouri, he said "In a heartbeat.":)

He sent me flowers yesterday. I am simply gone for the guy.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2002

Well, here I am:).

It has been rainging and I am so pleasd and thankful for that. Yesterday we added another 2" to our total, and right now it started rainging again! Even if it doesn't rain for another month after this we will be alright with hay for the critters now. God is so good.

Had the BEST meeting on Sunday. My friend Lupe came and David came and they brought their kids-David played and we had PRAISE! Yeah!!! It was a real blessing and a great day. Both David and Lupe were very impressed and personally touched by the message and they will come again even though we are small and don't have a lot of fancy stuff. no 501 C 3 either:).

God is working mightily in my life right now and I am amazed that people are actually aware that I am a Christian just by casual counter talk....I didn't know that. I am thankful the Lord is able to use me:).

The garden is nearly done, tomatos are crazy. Much to do. God bless all of you...fill your tanks up before the 4th-just a prudent reminder that we live in a screwy world.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2002

First of all I want to say Happy Independence Day! I always read through the Declaration and the Constitution on this day....other days too, but this one in particular.

I got the outer yard mowed last night even though it was wet. It is a jungle around here right now. I sooo love the green:). I guess it is seriously dry in Missouri, and the fellow leasing my land needs water for his cattle now. He's a really nice guy and his wife is from Houston. I haven't met her, but have spoken on the phone. Someone shot one of his calves there. I guess it is happening quite regularly in the area and I sure hope they find out who did it. The jerk just shot it and left it to rot. WHY? grrrrrr.

I have been neglecting my study, and everything is piling up around here so I have to refocus my attention and stop yacking on the phone so much. Thankfully my friend Steven will continue to help in the Mod Squad at HT....Yippeeee! He's a great friend:).

Talked to my wayward sister the other day, and I didn't mean to, but I know I hurt her feelings.....She is moving in with her boyfriend who _I think_ broke her nose. Everyone who has heard her tell the story of how it happened just feels like it is a well rehearsed lie. She had to have surgery on it as she had 90% blockage. Anyway, she told me she wasn't flipping God off, but that she was asking Him to bless her relationship with this guy, and even though she knows He doesn't want you living in sin, she'll just have to deal with Him on that and thinks it is the best thing to do as she couldn't handle being married. I told her that God blesses you best when you are obedient to Him, and then she cut off the conversation. sigh . It is so sad, she used to be so close to me and now she is just very far away. She doesn't even ask what is going on in my life at all either. sighs again . I miss her.

We finally got photos of equipment off to the German guys and hopefully we will hear something soon from them. If you are inclined, please keep that in prayer. It would be such a big blessing to me to get out of my business situation. It's not BAD, just grieves me.

I have a hen setting again and I so hope she hatches out chicks. Unfortunately I need to get rid of one of my roosters. He has taken to attacking my legs occasionally and that is totally unacceptable. He also flies in the faces of my dogs when they are just lying there, and I can't expect them to just take that kind of behaviour forever.

Gotta run! Blessings to all of you!

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

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