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Does anyone know a Firm(s) who make and supply glass 1/2lb and 1lb jars suitable for home preserving to sell at our Farmers Market. I have been getting them from our honey-man but he is now running out and can't remember where he got them from. I have checked the Web but without success. We live in Argyll. Thanks in anticipation. Corrine Allward.

-- Ross & Corrine Allward (, May 21, 2002


If you find anyone to supply jars please let me know. I'm up in Melvaig and am find it a bit of a problem.


-- Mairi Mackie (, October 08, 2002.

Since posting my original query, I have been able to source some new Jars (indeed every size, shape etc., etc) For anyone in Scotland, try: L & B Containers at Unit 2 Lomond Street, Possil Park Ind. Estate, Glasgow. G22 6JJ. Tel: 0141.336.3113. Their catalogue is very detailed. The only trouble we had was with the extra cost of haulage to us, but if it was possible to collect it would halve the cost of the jars themselves. Hope this helps. Corrine Allward

-- corrine allward (, October 22, 2002.

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