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Can anyone help me with information on the Noctilux extender for R cameras? Are they as good as some people say? Are they a viable alternative (weightwise) to carrying more lenses? Any help or direction to information would be appreciated. Lastly, what is tghe going price for a mint example?

-- John Powell (, May 21, 2002



You mean the 2X Apo extender? I don't know a Noctilux extender. The Leica extenders have always been very good - this is partly why they are amazingly expensive. The current 2X is over $1000. If you have an apochromatic lens to start with then the current APO extenders maintain the apochromatic correction and so the lenses remain outstanding even at their new focal length and at all apertures. The 1.4X extender does not work with all lenses whereas the 2X will work with most- although Leica does not recommend its use with some lenses (the 90mm Summicron-R for example) because they are poorly matched. The non-Apo extenders (old) are also very fine and are worth having, but clearly not quite as good as the current ones.

-- Robin Smith (, May 21, 2002.

Now I understand John's Question!

-- Kelly Flanigan (, May 26, 2002.

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