what is the difference between canon fd 35-105/3.5 and 35-105/3.5-4.5?

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i am in the market for a zoom lens for my AE-1 and i wanted to know the differences between these 2 lenses. there seems to be a huge price gap between the 2. why?

-- mai bloom (oleaozinho@hotmail.com), May 20, 2002


The Canon FD 35-105 f3.5 lens is, perhaps, one of the finest lenses ever made in that focal length range. It is sharp and gives better color rendition than any other lens of that type. The front element alone is a work or art. The lens uses Canon's FD Bayonet mount. One the negative side, is large and is not light. I simply ingore the last two.

The Canon FD 35-105 f3.5-4.5 is one of the newer Canon zoom lenses that has the lens barrel made of a polymer (plastic) material. It is smaller and lighter than the previously described lens and it also has a variable aperature. Hence, the f3.5-4.5 designation.

Do yourself a favor, get the 35-105 f3.5. They are always on ebay. They are not cheap but they are well worth it.

-- j. Harris (JHarris762@aol.com), May 21, 2002.

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