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Anyone else using the newest BTZS darkcloth with the white rubberized outer?

I got one for 8x10 and I'm not too impressed so far - second time out with very light usage (table-top flowers) and the rubberized stuff is already cracking and peeling in a couple of small places... Doesn't appear that it's going to survive much wear and tear?

Have others found this, or am I just unlucky!

-- Tim Atherton (, May 20, 2002


I've used a 4x5 size of this for a couple of years with no problem at all such as you describe. I think you might have got a lemon and should contact your vendor for a replacement.

Cheers, Richard

-- Richard Rankin (, May 20, 2002.

I am using mine on a 4x5 for the last 18 months without such problem. And I am not particularly caring on it. I often use it to as a ground cloth to protect some equipment from mud or water. I like it, my only complain is that it is not breathable material and condensation can be a major nuisance when it's cold outside.

-- Georges Pelpel (, May 20, 2002.

I've been using the 8x10 size for about a year without a problem. I'd talk with Fred Newman about it, I don't think you should be having this problem, especially not with the limited usage you describe.

-- Brian Ellis (, May 20, 2002.

Call or send an email to Fred Newman. Excellent service. I have used the 4x5 for 2 years on extended backpacks with no problems at temperature ranges from below freezing to hot (Texas). A bit bulky because of the waterproofing of materials, etc., but lightproof, cooler and ends the wind flapping.

-- David Meriwether (, May 21, 2002.

I second David's post, call or e-mail Fred. Additionally, please post the results of that conversation.

I have used a 4x5 for more than 3 years and it has taken and keeps on taking a beating. OTOH, I have a new (2-4 months old) 8x10 that has only been used twice. I waited nearly six months for it to arrive. Fred's original supplier of material for the hoods went out of business and he had a long search to find a new supplier and anotehr cloth that matched the performance of the old. Given that, your comment is interesting as yoru's is likely one of the first fromt he new production and it will be interesting to see if there are other problems, if the fabric is not up to snuff, etc. Feel free to use my name when you call or e-mail Fred. IF there is a problem with the fabric I am srue he will want to know about it soonest.


-- Ted Harris (, May 21, 2002.

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