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First big job I tackled with an Arca 4x5F/6x9 combination required 4x5, so I got used to using the reflex viewer with 2X magnifier. It seems just enough magnification to allow me to confirm focus. The 6x9 reflex viewer, which I also have, lacks the built-in magnifier and I need a supplement. I noted Christopher's response to an earlier post that he uses a Silvestri loupe and darkcloth, but that seems to negate the convenience of the viewer. I had been thinking of rigging a pair of reading glass lenses, maybe like those flip up sunglasses baseball outfielders use, but haven't tried yet. Besides the loupe/darkcloth solution, can anyone suggest another approach?

-- Steve Singleton (, May 20, 2002


I have the A-S binocular reflex viewer for the 6X9 and it magnifies the image 2X. If you have the Arca viewer I'm not sure why yours doesn't magnify.

In tend to use the viewer primarily for compositional purposes and do my critical focusing with a Schneider 4X loupe. Works fine for me.

-- Mark Windom (, May 20, 2002.

with the magnifier at 4x5 you can switch on if you want, or see all the on the gg without manifiing.

-- marcus schwier (, May 24, 2002.

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