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I don't know if u can help me at all ??? I have just bought a sony cd rewriter crx175a2/crx175e2 But i had to take my DVD drive out coz i only had one space on my motherboard for the drive , My question is ?? When i burn my music to disc it burns fine , but when i burn a picture a movie clip a text file , it burns , but when i go to My comp and open the files that i have burnt they are in a DAT format , and for some reason my pc wont open them ?? is there anything you know of that i migth be able to try ??? Thanks for just reading this i just hope you can help me ??? Ronnie Sands p.s i do have the very latest version of nero

-- Ronnie sands (, May 20, 2002


Open Windows Media Player and open the DAT file using the all files option. This works for me.

-- Archie Ray (, June 04, 2002.

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