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1)what can you use tea for? and what part of the plant is it? 2)where does it grow? 3)is it used by the rainforest people? if yes what for. 4)are there any symthetc substitutions for tea? if yes how and why.where are they made?

-- peter lenart (PhattDogg7@ AOL.COM), May 19, 2002


  1. Tea is general used as beverage, to quench thirst and keep people awake, as it contains small amount of coffeine. Tea contain large amount of antioxident, good for health.
  2. Tea is made from the tip of tea leaves
  3. The best tea is grown on mountainous area, where there is a lot of mist and moisture. Almost every part of the world grow tea, China, India are among the top producers of tea.
  4. Places with rainforest such as Australia, people drink tea as well. The top consumer of tea is China, India, UK.
  5. There are other beverage to substitude tea, such as herbal teas or coffee. There is no artifical synthetic substitude.
  6. Condensed tea power is made from natural tea.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), May 21, 2002.

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