'75 CB550 wheels and brakes.

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Hello All,

Two questions. I have the original spoked wheels on my bike and they are not round causing pretty bad shaking around 40-50mph. The shop will not true them in fear of breaking the corrosion weakened spokes. Is there a set of later Honda wheels that will fit such as from a 750?

Second question how does one stop the front brakes from screeching? I have replaced the pads and used the stop squeek brake stuff but they don't stop it. Would getting the rotor refinished help?



-- Scott Kulas (kulas@mindspring.com), May 19, 2002


I don't know about what size wheels will fit, but you can still buy spokes and replace them individually without removing the wheel (if the nipples are OK). I bought a bunch from my local Honda dealer and replaced about 5 or six that were bent/rusty/broken.

Sil-Glyde silicon lubricant worked great for quieting my front brakes. Also, it helps seal out water preventing the piston from freezing up in the caliper - an extremely common problem on SOHC4s.


-- Edward Crane (edbikerii@mindspring.com), May 21, 2002.

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