"The End of the Trail" Statue at Legion of Honor?

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Had an interesting question during my walk today: Has this statue by James Earle Fraser been, at some time or another, at the space in front of the Legion of Honor?

Does anyone know a "Point Presidio" where the artist wanted to have the statue being displayed?

I know that the plaster exhibit did win a gold medal for sculpture at the PPIE 1915.

Thanx, Wolfgang

-- Wolfgang Schubert (schubert@sutrohistory.org), May 19, 2002


There's a website about surviving statuary from the PPIE at http://home.earthlink.net/~remnantsofadream2/pages/sculpt_2.html It has a nice write-up on the history of "End of the Trail" but there's no mention of it's ever being displayed at the Legion of Honor. To my knowledge, the statues of El Cid and Joan of Arc in front of the Legion have been there since the museum was completed (or shortly thereafter) in the '20s.

-- John Martini (jamartini@slip.net), May 19, 2002.

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