what is value of edgar allan poe book "Poe's Poems"???

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Hello, I am curious to the value of a book by Edgar Allan Poe called "Poe's Poems" It was published in 1863 by W. J. Widdleton and has a gold Edgar A Poe signature on the front of the black cover. Book also has Poe's signature inside...but I think he was already laid to rest so I don't think that could be authentic??

Any help would be appreciated.



-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002


You are correct about the signature. Engraved signatures with portraits were common. (In this case, I believe the book has a rather effeminate version of Poe, engraved by Frederick Halpin.) Poe died in 1849, long before that edition was published. About 1861, Widdleton purchased the rights to the Griswold edition of Poe's works (first printed in four volumes, 1850-1856). They also printed this separate volume of Poe's poetry (which had already been published by Redfield in the 1850s.) In almost any case, the book is in the less than $100 class, even in really good condition. If there is any damage to the covers, or the pages are torn or badly foxed, you can cut that value in half.

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2002

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