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The following are links to example pages for the Midwest Financial web site...

Example 1: The main purpose of the first model was/is to provide a vehicle to begin roughing out the structure of the site's main sections, pages, links, the basic way it would work (April 24th, 2002).

Example 2: This (one-page) example shows the same layout with a slightly different design. The basic idea with this one is a "light, clean, simple" approach (quicker-loading, easy to "navigate"/hard to be confused), that has a "stationary" look (as in a piece of paper/letterhead - April 25th).

Example 3: Simple as a business card (April 26th).

Example 4: Another design alternative. This one utilizes the same elements, but heads off in the "darker, richer, contemporary-slick" direction (April 27th).

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

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