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I want to buy a canon FD mount med tele lens but I'm not sure for which lens should I go...the options I have are... 1. 100-200 mm f 5.6 2. 70-210 mm f 3.5 3. 80-200 mm f 4.0

I still have to see some more options in the same range but I'm not sure in terms of performance....if any one've knowledge bout any of these and can suggest me for the best one.....some other option equavalent to these in terms of price are also welcome....thanks in advance

-- veerpal singh (veerpal2000@yahoo.com), May 18, 2002


The 80-200 is the best of a rather sorry lot. I'd buy two lenses instead, a 100/2.8 and a 200/4, both are sharper than any you mention, and there is NO COMPARISON with respect to flare control.

-- adam g. lang (hektor73@yahoo.com), May 18, 2002.

I'd agree with Adam. I've got the 80-200mm F4 S.S.C lens. It's damn heavy but it's solid and takes good images. It has a built in lens hood as well which is handy for me. It also takes 52mm filters, which matches my other FD lenses.


-- NikB (ndb_letters@yahoo.com), May 27, 2002.

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