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i have been using tmax 400 with d76 and processing the negatives in d76. i want to try pyro but use it with btz tubes. can anyone tell me the technique to use? thanks.

-- howard b. schwartz, m.d. (, May 18, 2002


You can find plenty of answers in the "Film and Processing" forum of LUSENET. (You'll find the link to LUSENET at the top of the LF forum page.) does have a choice of Pyro developers to choose from, and lots of tips too. I recall that ordinary PMK developer is not so good with rotary processing, hence you can try the "Rollo Pyro" formula, which have been reformulated for use with rotary processors/tubes.
Good luck.

-- Björn Nilsson (, May 18, 2002.

It was of course only the actual link that should be linked.

-- Björn Nilsson (, May 18, 2002.

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