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I wonder if you may be able to provide some assistance to me in resolving a payroll issue. I have been attempting for the last several weeks to resolve this issue through Miguel, but have not been successful. I know Miguel is a busy man and this is probably low on his priority list, but it is important to me. I do not want to offend Miguel or appear to be going around "the chain of command", but I need to get this resolved.

During my yearly review, Miguel and I agreed on a salary increase as well as a $5000 cash bonus. I was leary of a cash bonus because of the taxes I would have to pay on that money. Miguel said he could work it out so I would net $5000 after the taxes were taken out. I was agreeable to this. I explained to Miguel that I was going to use the money to purchase a new Apple computer. He suggested rather than give me cash, let Seneca purchase the computer and give it to me. I was agreeable to this. We agreed that Seneca would purchase the computer, up to $5000, and I would cover the difference.

About 7 business days later, Miguel called and told me the best way to proceed would be for me to order the Apple system using my credit card and Seneca would pay me back. I agreed.

I have two concerns. First, I still have not received any money from Seneca. I have repeatedly emailed Miguel concerning this. Twice he assured my there would be money in my account. This was to occur at the close of the last pay period in April. This did not happen. Then it was supposed to be in my account at the end of the first pay period in May. This also did not happen. Because of the delays, I am either forced to front all the money (I paid with a credit card) or make a partial payment and pay interest. Neither of these options is desirable.

My second concern is with the actual payment. In Miguel's email to the finance group within Seneca, he mentions the $5000, but does not mention the after tax aspect of our agreement. I sent an email to Miguel pointing out this difference, but have not heard back. This difference adds up to a lot of money!

I ordered a $6000 Apple computer, thinking it was going to cost me no more than $1000 out of my pocket. If I am taxed on a $5000 bonus, I will probably only bring home $3000 to put towards the computer. This means I will have to spend an additional $3000 to pay off the computer. I am walking away feeling screwed! This is not what Miguel and I agreed to.

Can you advise me how to proceed? Again, the last time I wrote or spoke to you, Miguel was very angry with me for thinking I circumvented his authority and I do not want this situation to occur again. I consider Miguel a friend and do not want to lose his trust over this.

Thanks ,

John Spann

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002


Eric responded via email. He stated he signed a check last week for $2500 minus taxes. He told me the check was not an EFT and would be arriving in the mail. It arrived on Saturday. It was almost $1800, after taxes. This means Seneca still owes me roughly $3200 by the next pay period.

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2002

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