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Hey there, What a day. I was in Pelican Rapids today and just about called you and thought about stopping in. I hate stopping with out notice. I amy be calling you Friday to walk me through opening the new updated version of the brochure. I am sorry but I am so dumb when it comes to anything more than using email or the internet. I will try and if I have problems I will call you. I have a list of all our new email addresses. I will follow up with an email to with them. I went to Network Solutions site to get them ( like I did with our web address). I have a question for you. Who will host our new email addresses? Is it the same company that we choose for our hosting web site? Also wherer will I go to retrieve these? ( Now I am being really stupid ) I am assuming that we all will retrieve them from the website?! I am tired. For example my email address is www.joevasek@mfmc.biz I have to configure the new addresses with Network Solutions Friday. Here is an out of the blue question for you. How often do you come to Fargo Moorhead? The reason I ask is that I would like to take you out for lunch or dinner sometime as a perk for your hard work. For some reason I think you and I will be friends for some time. Let me know what you think. What else....hmmm If you need to unload things to me I say go for it. Its nice to have someone to talk to. Just know that what ever we talk about non work related that it stays with me. I am not real big on back stabbing. Ok enough of that. I will make sure that the picture we take is a digital camera and that it is loaded on a disk. I think we are going to Allen Ross or McCracken studio for this. The biography's should be completed next week for sure. I called each and every loan officer and the owner telling them that this has to be done by next Thursday. I realize that you may not be ready for it so dont feel pressured. I just needed to put the pressure on them. Gary Brenden is going to work on a story line for us as well. I hope to have this completed by next week as well. Well my mind is in sleep mode. I am gonna hit the pillow. I will call you for sure Friday sometime! Thanks again for all of your help. Friends, Joe

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

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