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So what is it with this Malachi Martin?

There seems to be a lot of controversy about Malachi Martin. Good Catholics I know either like him or dislike him intensely with little grey area in between.

Can anyone give me their two cents regarding this man? I'm not sure what to think or why. Help me out here.

-- Emerald (, May 16, 2002



-- (, May 16, 2002.

There was a post awhile back to which I contributed on "The Keys of This Blood" which I can't find on the archives (below the regular posts). Maybe Moderator can point it out.

Martin was an interesting guy. He claimed to have knowledge of specific inner-goings-on in the Vatican and within the hierarchy of the Church. Some of his fiction (like Windswept House) is supposedly based on truth; who knows? Father George Rutler said Martin had a bit of the Irish blarney in him. His book "Keys of This Blood" does make for interesting reading geopolitical/religious issues.

Martin was a Traditionalist, and supported the Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre when he illicitly consecrated bishops, thus excommunicating himself (Lefebvre, that is) from the Church. That is a whole separate issue and I wouldn't let that prejudice you either way with Martin.

His book "Hostage to the Devil" is a book on the influence of the devil in people's lives. It is for the mature reader only, as it has explicit language in it. Likewise, his book "King of Kings", about King David, has some (from what my husband says) unnecessary sexual content in it. His book "There is Still Love" is a wonderful analysis of the various types of love, much like C.S. Lewis's "The Four Loves." His early book "Three Popes and the Cardinal" was from his liberal period, so I would skip it unless you have a firm grip on CHurch history and teachings. As for fiction, his best books are "Vatican" and "Windswept House". I haven't read "FInal Conclave." His fiction is not "great" literature, but good "junk" reading.

-- Christina (, May 16, 2002.

You sure about the Lefevbre thing?

-- Emerald (, May 17, 2002.

EWTN has a good section on Malachi Martin. I think it's under the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. He definitely was somewhat of a 'renegade' I think, but very interesting fellow!


-- Gail (, May 17, 2002.


Yes, it is true ArchBishop Lefevbre was indeed excummunicated by the Pope for refusing to follow the Vatican II guidelines as he created the SSPX movement which is still in existance who practice the Old Vatican process prior to 1962. He and his followers have rejected all of the 16 documentand and the present Canons of the current Church. All of this is easily found in the internet. I personally and John Gecik have provided information on this organization and it's being declared as a schism within the Catholic Church on another thread called "Blueprint". If you wantmore info I will gladly provide it for you. The SSPX has declared the Vatican II process as an act created by the Freemasons within the Church, which is of course a farce on their part. The Canons still to this day forbids Catholics to be members of the Anti Christ organization.


-- Fred Bishop (, May 17, 2002.


Here is a link to the Pope's letter to the SSPX and Lefebre: hf_jp-ii_motu-proprio_02071988_ecclesia-dei_en.html


-- Fred Bishop (, May 17, 2002.

Sorry Fred, I should have made that more clear; I've known about Lefevbre (or however you spell his name) and the SSPX for a long time... I meant to ask, about Malachi Martin's approval of Lefevbre illicitly consecrating bishops.

-- Emerald (, May 17, 2002.

ZIf he did approve the SSpX and the Lefebre movement. then he may have done a dis-service to the Church as Lefebre and others have been fully discredited by the Pope and his Bishops.

-- Fred Bishop (, May 17, 2002.

This much I know about Malachi... he had some differences with Pope John Paul II, not so much on any point of doctrine or teaching, but it seemed to me based upon what he thought JP2 should be doing about current influences on the Church, or I guess I would say, 'strategic stuff'... what to do about it, whether he was pulling off a good job.

I gathered this from listening to him on the radio a couple years ago while he was still alive. He made it a point then to make it clear he was obedient to the magisterium and the Pope, but that he was a bit ticked off. That was the impression I got.

I'm guessing that he could have expressed sympathy for Lefebvre's actions without condoning them; I know some people like that... obedient to the magisterium but a little ticked, for various reasons, about recent changes in the Church, mostly Vatican II issues. For some of them, they make the official assent required to the magisterium, but with an audible sigh if you know what I mean. These are the people who chose not to follow the schisms. I don't have that problem, but I haven't read/heard every angle either. I don't intend to have that problem, I should add. lol!

-- Emerald (, May 17, 2002.


The only issues I have with the Vatican II process is that a LOT of people took it the wrong way and took it upon themselves that many of the practices of the Church were done away with. It is so poorly understood that it has caused some real harms. Many of the religious have taken liberties and rejected their habits (clothing) thinking they no longer need them. It is far from true. It relaxed some of the strenuous rules, yes, but no to the point that they become so secularized that they have lost their obvious identity. There are many other things that have occured out of error that disturbs many of us. It has caused the attitude of us becoming more like the protestants which is what Vatican II was not about.

-- Fred Bishop (, May 17, 2002.

Hello, Emerald.

Here is a link to the short EWTN write-up on Mr. Martin.

And here is a link to the thread that Christina mentioned. (She and I had a bit of a debate there!)

God bless you.

-- (, May 18, 2002.

Hey John. I've read that one from EWTN a while back.

Regarding the old thread, your mention of conspiracy theory irritates me. But I like ya anyways. I just figure anyone with a clue would be able to recognize the current rush towards a globalist system which I don't think will be too amiable to the masses.

-- Emerald (, May 18, 2002.

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