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When did the US Department of State first institute a Passport Agency in San Francisco, and what was its location? I know of the office in the downtown Federal building, the 525 Market Street location, and the current Hawthorne Street location-- what came before?

(I'm drafting an article for the Department of State's emplyee publication: this information will be extremely helpful to me and extremely apprecaited! Thanks.)

-- Kate Styrsky (, May 16, 2002


The Federal Government has maintained a presence in San Francisco since the 1840s. The first "offices" were in the Custom House near Portsmouth Square.

The second location was the Federal Post office at 7th and Mission.

The third location was the Federal Buliding on UN Plaza.

The newest building is the Burton Building on Golden Gate.

Numerous sites have been leased at different times for various agencies.

In regards to passports, it is likely that they were "delegated duties" of the Treasury Department. The Department of State didn't have much of presence in any american city until the first World War.

Good Luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, May 17, 2002.

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Priscilla Jenkins:

A passport is not required for the Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Mexico, or Canada, a notarized copy of a birth certificate with a raised seal and picture identification is. You must have a notarized photo copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal if you do not already have a passport.

Non US Citizens must show proof of temporary or permanent residency of the US. This includes a valid green card, passport from their country with multiple reentry visas, picture id's and in some cases visas from the countries they are visiting. Non-US Citizens should contact these consulates or embassies with regards to documentation prior to making your voyage.

Enjoy your trip

-- strange (, December 27, 2004.

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