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Hi, Please help.

I have a movie clip avi that convert from DV500 with 720 x 480 resolution. Then I use Mpeg encode software to convert to Mpeg file. Then I try to make SVCD using Nero 5.5. The message saying that burning sucessfully. But when I play on panasonic DVD, the picture is shaking. It does not play smooth. I also try to burn with difference speed 1x,4x,8x,12x. It still have problem.

Anyone know how to solve this problem please help me out. Thanks a million.

Thanks for your help

-- Kim G. Nguyen (, May 16, 2002


You have a field ordering problem. I'm sure there is a choice of fields to lead in the MPEG encoding s/w u r using. For example if it is Field A (or even) now choose B (or odd). In TMPGenc you arbitrarily choose a field and examine by double-clicking deinterlace and choosing even-odd field (field) then pressing on the right arrow button; on sequences with plenty of motion if it shakes/judders then change the dominant field, but if it progresses smoothly then leave alone. Field-ordering acquires more importance with SVCD and DVD where the MPEG-2 used preserves the original field structure, unlike the MPEG-1 in VCD where there is only one unique field repeated for a frame.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 18, 2002.

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