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how do you carry 25 8x10 holders at once in location?...


-- Jeff Liao (, May 16, 2002


I haven't had to carry 25 8x10 holders in the field, but if I needed that much film I'd probably use a changing tent. They're pretty easy to use. There was a recent thread about this.

-- Matthew Runde (, May 16, 2002.

Sounds like a job for Hershey, the llama.

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, May 16, 2002.

Do you have to carry them on your back? If you do I'd go with a changing tent (or an assistant!). If you have a vehicle you can come back to, you can carry a few holders with you and leave the rest in the car (in a cooler if necessary).

-- David Goldfarb (, May 16, 2002.

Or Clara Bell the mule. HHHEEEEEHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!

-- Rob Pietri (, May 16, 2002.

I normally carry 18 holders in an old fiber-board camera case that was made for something else, but holds 18 holders perfectly. It has two halves and is about 6" or 7" wide--9 holders in each half. Were I to carry more (or when I carry fewer) I use a holder bag that Paula designed and made (she can make anything with a sewing machine) out of heavy canvas with cloth end flaps to keep any dust out. The canvas flap that closes the bag seals by velcro and comes down the length of the bag, making for a secure cover. It has an adjustable shoulder strap. No padding. It is not used for transport, but for working in the field. It holds 5 or 6 holders, but if I am close to the vehicle (as I almost always am) I will take no more than 4 at a time.

If you want to get a case for 25 holders I suggest Strebor cases. They are expensive but are worth it. They are padded cloth-covered cases. Robert Hockey at 780-471-3280 in Canada. He'll custom make one for you. They are lightweight and sturdy. (You can stand on them.)

For transport, the Strebor or any case, really, is fine. If you will be carrying that many holders to location along with camera and lenses and tripod,either get an assistant or a hand-truck. I use a Magliner. You can custom-design them from components they supply, and with the right tires (you have a choice of three types) they will go anywhere--even across sand on a beach (though uphill on a sand dune would be impossible) and climbing up curbs and stairs is easy.

-- Michael A. Smith (, May 16, 2002.

LL Bean or Edie Bauer used to sell a "back pack" cooler,this would hold about 30 4x5 holders.I used one of these for years.It is rigid & holds out the heat!Id look at soft back packs also,these will make carrying the backs easier.

-- Edsel Adams (, May 16, 2002.

I know of one photographer who carries 8x10 holders in a picnic cooler.

-- Chris Ellinger (, May 16, 2002.

Justin Gnass sells a very well made holder for both 5x4 and 10x8 holders.

-- paul owen (, May 16, 2002.

Jeff, I'd go with the soft sided picnic cooler that has been already mentioned. If you've got a long way to carry them, get the aforementioned mule on the payroll! I don't know what yourshooting but it sounds like an adventure! Good Luck!

-- John Kasaian (, May 16, 2002.

what about the llama?

-- jason (, May 16, 2002.

Get a Mule!!! I have one!!! Its a baby jogger that's built for trail blazing. It will carry around 75 punds of stuff, comes with a rain canopy, has brakes and most important: 3 - 16" wheels with fat tires... and it collapses with wheels to fit into your car... It will carry camera, film holders and a major tripod...

Call Molly at JM's in Bakerfield, California, at 661-834-7277 and ask for info on baby joggers for large format photographers.

-- Per Volquartz (, May 16, 2002.

I think you are looking for the new 8x10 multiple-exposure, rapid-winders that are just about to come out on the market!!!!!

-- David Stein (, May 16, 2002.


I always wanted a motorized back for my 5X7...with at least 36 shots of course...and preferably with built in rapid digital viewer - auto focus / auto know, for those larger than life "candids"...

-- Per Volquartz (, May 16, 2002.

If your willing to go 9x9 instead of 8x10, Fairchild used to make 9" roll film cameras. Some of them used to be electric driven. Kodak still makes the film(something like $1K/roll). You're still going to need a mule though. For the electric "motor drive" version, you'll need two!

-- John Kasaian (, May 17, 2002.

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