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Hey im looking for the 'single effect' of the pit and the pendulum by e.a.p. and it is for a quiz grade. if you dont know of poes 'single effect' it is in every story - all the characters, words, pictures - they are all placed in the story to get accross a single effect to his readers - such as in the black cat: the single effect was insanity and in hop frog it was revenge in the raven it was deteriorating emotional state and in the fall of the house of usher it was a growing sence of terror. if you have any questions on those stories i can help you but as of now im looking for information on the pit and the pendulum. thanx.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002


It would seem that everything literally and claustrophobically is narrowed down to fighting for sanity and escape inside a malevolent trap with death at every turn. As his inner struggle increases, after each small victory, the obtacles and the hopelessness just gets worse. The REAL end is his final victory over himself that he will throw himself on the wall. Hey, it's a choice. Madness is conquered by rationality. Then Poe with no way out lets a deus ex machina pull the fat out of the fire.

So, without outside intervention the situation was intensely cruel and hopeless, devoid of sense or mercy. The sensory deprivation, horror and imminent death situation tears at the victim, but his personal victory is his resistance and triumphs of the intellect. The whole story lets us experience that struggle in all its agony and suspense.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

I am doing an essay on the very same thing and I am putting that horror is the single effect in this story.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

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